Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Create-a-Class in Single Player, Theater Mode in Zombies and 3D Returns

Treyarch lays out some of the fancy new features making their way to Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 this November.

Speaking with GTTV, members of Treyarch reveal that there is more to Black Ops 2 than meet’s the eye. On top of the totally revamped multiplayer, which you can read all about right here, both the single player campaign and Zombies mode will be seeing some brand new additions that are sure to raise the level in which Treyarch is taking Call of Duty this year.

It looks like Black Ops 2’s multiplayer experience simply cannot be contained in one mode alone. For a first in the series, a feature introduced in the multiplayer will make an appearance in the single player campaign. During a demonstration of the new Monsoon level (in which a brand new camoflauge that makes its wearer invisible was shown off), it was revealed that “the little brother of Create-a-Class,” as game design director David Vonderhaar puts it, will be at the finger tips of players as they play through the campaign. This will allow players to alter their loadout before heading into a single player mission, just as you tweak your set-up before jumping into a multiplayer match. Studio head Mark Lamia also mentions that particular challenges in each single player level will require certain weapons to complete. In turn, completing these challenges will unlock additional weapons and attachments for you to use throughout the rest of the campaign.

But it doesn’t stop there. Black Ops 2’s multiplayer even manages to sneak its way into the highly popular Zombies mode. Black Ops 2 Zombies will now include the ability to record gameplay via the Theater mode, a first for the zombie-survival mini-game. Being built on the multiplayer engine, this allowed Treyarch to utilize similar features like the Theater mode in Zombies, providing fans with the ability to capture those intense zombie slaying moments.

Also demonstrated to GTTV was the multiplayer map Hijacked, which you can catch a glimpse of below:

[youtube id=”s5FGwLGBIDs” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Additionally, it was revealed that Black Ops 2 will ship with over 12 multiplayer maps at launch.

Returning to Black Ops 2, once again, is the ability to play in 3D. Players will also be able to utilize the technology to play co-op but without the limited view of the split-screen.

What do you think of these amazing features being added to both the single player campaign and Zombies mode? Surely we can expect some killer Zombie clips from the community when Black Ops 2 hits shelves this November 13th. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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