Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Loot Box Introduction Causes Community Outrage

black ops 4 loot box

With this week’s big patch ushering in the start of Operation Grand Heist, players were treated to a new Specialist, new weapons, gun skins and more. Unfortunately, this new Operation has also introduced something we thought we’d never see in a Call of Duty title again, and that’s loot boxes.

With the introduction of loot boxes, Black Ops 4 now has three in-game sources of microtransactons; a fact we highlighted just the other day. This little fact hasn’t escaped the Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 community. Over on the game’s official subreddit, multiple threads have cropped up overnight with people stating that they’re not buying another Call of Duty game again, or asking how F2P (free-to-play) titles have less microtransactions baked in than Black Ops 4. Here’s a quick look at the game’s subreddit today:

As you can see, only a handful of the topics aren’t related to Black Ops 4 microtransactions.

I’ve outlined some of the best threads touching on the topic below.

Welcome to Micro-Transaction Simulator 2019 #BlackMarketBlackout from Blackops4

Activision and Treyarch, you have officially went to far for me to continue playing COD. from Blackops4

How is it that F2P titles have less micro-dlc than BO4 now has? from Blackops4

To Everyone Who Doesn’t Understand Why People Are Upset, Here is an Analogy: from Blackops4

People are finally realising that Activison is probably the worst thing ever happened to gaming from Blackops4

Most people are blaming Activision for introducing loot boxes in Black Ops 4, and that may very well be the case — especially if you consider how Activision has publicly confirmed that the game didn’t meet their targets commercially.

Do you think people are overreacting to the Black Ops 4 loot box introduction? Is it warranted and has this affected whether you’re going to buy the next Call of Duty or not? We want to hear your thoughts, and share ’em in the comments below.

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4 years ago

I think it is perfectly acceptable for them to get flak for putting this crap in a $60 game. People will let it slide in Apex because it is free to play and that is how the game is funded. COD is just making an extra money grab on top of the $60 they already milked out of their consumers. You can either sell your game or do a free to play model, but you can’t have both.

4 years ago

So the filthy greedy clowns at Lackofvision just murdered their own Call of Doodoo IP.
I love Fortnite and Apex Legends for offering a way better value proposition for the gamers, so we can comfortably ignore the has-been publishers of old.

Just a guy
Just a guy
Reply to  Dadenios
4 years ago

Nah. these people will all be back in October. Especially if it’s MW4.

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