Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Triple Play Bundle Introduced in Latest Update Costs Almost Half the Price of the Full Game

black ops 4 triple play

In today’s Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 update, Treyarch introduced a barebones (no Specialists) mode, new gameplay balances and more, much to the delight of the Black Ops 4 player base. Unfortunately, it seems the studio also added in a new “Special Offer” in the Black Market and it’s not going over well with the community.

Called the “Triple Play” bundle, it houses the Home Wrecker melee weapon, 10 tiers, 10 Reserve Cases, and a Weapon Crate all for 2,800 COD Points or $28! Here’s the bundle you’ll see in the game:

Given how Black Ops 4 can be bought for $60 (or even cheaper), you can see how a $28 cosmetic bundle is a bit hard to take. Currently, the community and even the “influencers” aren’t happy with this move by Activision.

Call of Duty You Tuber Xclusive Ace even made a video about it, which you can see below.

Another Call of Duty YouTuber, Neros Cinema, has gone on Twitter to call out how overpriced the Triple Play bundle is.

Important to note that the melee weapon is a cosmetic skin only. It doesn’t offer any distinct advantage over any of the other melee weapons, and the Reserve Cases and Tiers usually contain emotes, stickers, and the like.

Do you think people are overreacting given this Triple Play bundle is something optional and contains only cosmetic items? Or are people complaining in the right here given how bad this makes Treyarch and Activision look?

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