Call of Duty: Black Ops Sgt. Frank Woods Voice Actor Teasing Something for Saturday

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Following yesterday’s huge Call of Duty 2020 leak, it seems someone close to the game has decided to speak out on something, though we just don’t know yet. Actor James C. Burns, who voiced Sgt. Frank Woods in Treyarch’s Black Ops series has teased something in a new video.

Burns says , “I play Sgt. Frank Woods in Call of Duty: Black Ops 1, Black Ops 2, Black Ops 4, and…we got to talk. Yeah, man, there’s a lot of leaks, a lot of rumors, and I think after 10 years, you guys deserve to know what I know.”

Burns mentions that he plans on doing a live YouTube broadcast at noon PST on Saturday, where he says that he’ll talk about “whatever it is” people want to talk about. He will also livestream a play session of Black Ops 1 and states that he’ll be dropping behind-the-scenes (BTS) info as he plays. This will happen via his YouTube channel.

Is this about Call of Duty 2020 which is rumored to be revealed in May? Maybe, maybe not. I gather, Activision might be readying a cease & desist order of some sort before tomorrow, so who know if it’ll push through. If it does though, expect us to cover it here. Even if there’s no Call of Duty 2020 leaks that come out of it, we’re still interested to know some secrets from the franchise that only people involved are privy to.

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