Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Reveal Trailer Was “100% In-Game, Running at 60fps, No Magic, No Trickery” Says Infinity Ward

It was just last month that Infinity Ward announced the latest Call of Duty, “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare,” and while it was confirmed that Infinity Ward would be at E3 this year, it would seem that Modern Warfare has, for the most, been a no show. Surprisingly this is the first E3 where a mainline series of Call of Duty didn’t have anything to show.

In total, Infinity Ward was scheduled to make six appearances during live streams at E3. It was thought by many that they would have shared some form of footage during their big Colosseum event, however we were only treated with light details of some of the characters and some teaser images for the multiplayer mode. All six appearances happened and not a shed of gameplay was revealed, which left many fans disappointed. One could say it breaks tradition, as Call of Duty has always had a presence at E3 since the first Call of Duty in 2003. Every mainline iteration after that has had some form of footage air during E3, though with PlayStation being absent this year and Activision having a marketing deal with them it seemed likely that this was the reason why there was nothing shown. Though from a recent comment made by Infinity Ward’s Senior Communications Manager, Ashton Williams stated that the team just simply wasn’t ready to show anything yet.

One of the best parts about revealing the game (which was two weeks ago) is talking about it with as many people as we can. We’ve been holding in so much since we started this project that finally being able to talk about it is a relieving and incredibly exciting feeling. We know you all want new info, gameplay, etc., and we can’t wait to share all of that with you when we’re ready.

And lastly, Infinity Ward’s Studio Narrative Director Taylor Kurosaki shared some closing thoughts during their last E3 interview that Infinity Ward (via Xbox Mixer stream) letting fans know that they (Infinity Ward) hear how fans want to see gameplay, and to be patient as everything will be coming eventually. Oh, and what we saw in the reveal trailer was “100 percent in-game” was mentioned as well.

“We have so much more to show..I know our fans are dying to see more from the game. Look let me just speak to the fans right now. Everything in the trailer completely 100% in-game running at 60 FPS, no magic no trickery. That is the game, you want gameplay its in there, the entire trailer is gameplay. however,  we know you want to see actual mission, we know you want to see stuff. Do not mistake our silence at this moment as not having the goods, I have been in this industry for twenty something years. I have never worked on a game where we have the goods like we have in this game. Its coming. Patience, its coming.”

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare isn’t set to launch until October giving us roughly four months left till then. We expect to see plenty of gameplay from the campaign, hopefully in the coming months along with some multiplayer reveals that everyone is wanting to see. We’ll make sure to keep you posted till then.

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2 thoughts on “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Reveal Trailer Was “100% In-Game, Running at 60fps, No Magic, No Trickery” Says Infinity Ward

  1. “…no trickery…” Except with those confirmed, incoming, price gouging microtransactions in a FULL priced game. COD is still a scam and not touching this no matter how much they try to seduce the public with their “realism” that’s just Hollywood military vs real military.

    1. Your loss buddy. BO4 had Microtransactions that literally give you no advantage over your opponent whatsoever, and this will have the same thing. Stop complaining buddy.

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