Call of Duty Packages House Puzzles, Treyarch Updates Social Media; All Tied to Black Ops

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Just last week, we reported that Activision has sent mystery crates to content creators that included a date set for August 10, Well, that day is today! While we’re expecting it to house a reveal for Call of Duty 2020, which is rumored to be called Black Ops Cold War, that doesn’t seem to be the case — at least at face value, as there seems to be puzzles to solve first!

Thankfully, content creators such as NoahJ456 livestreamed the box opening and we got to see what was in it! One of the items in the box is a note with a lot of stuff on it. Rather than having me explain, read it below via our screenshot:

Alongside the manifest, there’s a projector with slides that seems like mini maps or something. YouTubers and other Call of Duty fans are now checking to see what it uncovers. Reliable Call of Duty dataminer BKTOOR_ posted four of the map images where it mentions London, Paris, New York, and Moscow.

Various Call of Duty fans and sites are now trying to find out what this all means. There’s what appears to be a code for a clock face:

What’s more, Treyarch has apparently rolled out an update to Black Ops 1 on PC three days ago and it’s tied to the puzzle!

Apparently, some have surmised that the map is somehow tied to Treyarch’s Summit map:

The update seems to be tied to Black Ops 1’s Summit map, as the clocks located inside the main structurehas their times changed to match that of Black Ops 4’s!

Adding more weight to the Summit thing, CharlieIntel has compared the screens from Black Ops 1 pre-patch and confirms it got changed! Oh, and in case there was any doubt, Treyarch themselves have updated their social media profile pictures too!

It seems the clocks named on the map lined up with slides showing the phrase, “Beish, I was here.” This is apparently the name of the game of chess that was played in 1972 during the Cold War!

Yep, as expected, the package sent by Activision is somehow connected to this year’s Call of Duty reveal! How deep does the rabbit hole go? We’ll know for sure in the coming days.

While some might see this as an over-complication of a game reveal, I have to hand it to Activision. Instead of announcing a game, they’re not drumming up hype and interested, and more importantly, engaging the community in this puzzle solving crusade.

Once we know more tangible details, we’ll let our readers know.

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