Call of Duty Warzone Attack Helicopter Temporarily Removed Due to Invisibility Exploit

Warzone Attack Helicopter

For those anticipating the big Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War integration with Call of Duty: Warzone with this week’s Season 1 launch, that excitement has no doubt been dampened by a few gameplay issues brought on by Black Ops Cold War’s weapons, and the introduction of the Warzone Attack Helicopter invisibility exploit.

While this is a bummer and is a game-breaking glitch, Raven Software has announced that the Attack Chopper has been temporarily pulled from Warzone while this bug is sorted.

!PSA! The attack helicopter has been temporarily removed from both #Warzone maps – Verdansk and Rebirth Island. The vehicle will return once the related issues have been fixed. The normal helicopter will remain available.

To clarify, this change is to combat the bug causing players to appear invisible to others.

We’re hoping this gets sorted ASAP just like the Black Ops Cold War update released yesterday due to PS5 and PC issues. Given the studio hand-off for Warzone, I suspect the Warzone Attack Chopper invisibility exploit won’t be the last gameplay hitch we’ll see, but I’m hopeful to be proven wrong.

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