Check Out Battlefield 4 Running on the Xbox One

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More next-gen Battlefield 4 console footage emerges from yet another currently on-going video game expo.

Last week, we caught our first glimpse of Battlefield 4 console footage running on the PlayStation 4, which came straight from the Tokyo Game Show. Today, courtesy of YouTuber Wasif Akhtar, we get our first look at Battlefield 4 running on the Xbox One. The station was set up at Eurogamer Expo, which is currently taking place over in London.

As before, it is off-screen, so it’s hard to catch any clear details. However, proving that the game is running on Xbox One hardware, the camera man pans over to the actual system sitting underneath the table, so we know it’s really Xbox One gameplay. Nevertheless, it’s looking pretty good and there doesn’t seem to be any glaring differences from the PC footage we’ve seen so far.

Check it out!

UPDATE: It appears the video has been removed.

Thanks to MP1st reader B_Boss for pointing it out