Check Out Halo 2 Anniversary’s Zanzibar Remake In Action – Multiplayer Gameplay and Walkthrough

Zanzibar returns to Halo once more, this time on Xbox One in The Master Chief Collection’s Halo 2 Anniversary.

As original Halo 2 lead multiplayer designer Max Hoberman puts it, the classic map, now called Stone Town, was left largely the same with only a few tweaks to some of the interior spaces and a few more noticeable differences in the art design. Of course, the visuals have been upgraded to run properly on an Xbox One at 1080p and 60 frames per second.

As with the Coagulation and Warlock remakes, Hoberman sits down with IGN to offer a rundown of the new Anniversary design in a video that you can catch below. There’s also some one-flag CTF gameplay on Stone Town to check out as well.

Excited to get back in the action on Zanzibar?

You can try your hand at the newest version of Zanzibar in Halo: The Master Chief Collection arriving on Xbox One this November 11.

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