Check Out Diablo 3 Running On The Xbox 360, Console Versions Will See Numerous Tweaks

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Having already given you a glimpse of Diablo 3, the fastest selling PC game of 2012, running on the PlayStation 3, the folks from Blizzard are finally showing off the popular dungeon crawler running on the Xbox 360.

Check out the video below:

The console version of Diablo 3 will feature significant changes and additions to the game, but will also be removing the auction house completely, due to the feedback of the PC community who’ve essentially deemed it unnecessary and a hindrance to the way the game works.

Additionally, you can also expect to see some changes in the area of crafting. Crafting now has a better chance of returning higher quality, more targeted items. Items will drop less, but those items that are dropped will be of higher quality.

Speaking of items, the Diablo 3 console version will also ensure that any items found will be geared to the class that you are currently playing as.

Those worrying how exactly Diablo 3 will play compared to it’s PC counterpart, with the ability to map multiple functions on the keyboard, can rest at ease. Blizzard is making it possible to quick-equip items via the d-pad and is also adding an evade feature, which can be used to quickly get out of harm’s way by just by flicking the right thumbstick.

Diablo 3 is set to launch on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 this September 3, with the PlayStation 4 release date to be announced in the near future. Pre-ordering Diablo 3 will also net you the ‘Infernal Helmet,’giving your character an in-game XP boost.