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Rumor – Diablo 2 Remaster, Titled “Diablo 2 Resurrected” Will Be Launching This year News 0

News 0 A new rumor suggests that Activision Blizzard will be releasing a Diablo 2 remaster sometimes near the end of this year. This rumor comes from Actugaming, who reports that they have heard from sources that the Diablo 2 remaster will be released sometime in the fourth quarter of this year. Additionally, we now may know […]

Police Investigating Overwatch Corruption Controversy News 0

News 0 Australian police are investigating Overwatch corruption controversy in light of several reports of corruption being made. In August Australian police arrested six Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players due to suspicions of match fixing. These players had allegedly made deals to throw certain matches, placing bets on those matches themselves. Now the situation has evolved as the […]

Report: Blizzard Cancels First-Person Shooter Based on StarCraft to Focus on Overwatch 2, Diablo 4 News 0

News 0 While Blizzard already has a first-person shooter game in Overwatch, it seems the studio was working on yet another FPS, but this one was based on the StarCraft universe. Keyword here is “was,” as the studio has since canned the game to focus on Overwatch 2, and on Diablo 4. This latest bit of gaming […]

Preview the Overwatch New Skins, Sprays, Emotes & Player Icons, Coming January 23 News 0

News 0 Starting January 23, standard Overwatch loot boxes will be getting overhauled, with over 100 new items added to their potential loot pool. The new skins, sprays, player icons, and emotes will also be available via the Hero Gallery. Get a preview of the upcoming cosmetic items in the tweet and images below: Only 6 more days until […]

Overwatch New Hero to Be “Meta Changing,” Promises Creative Director News 0

News 0 With every new Overwatch hero comes a ton of hype and anticipation, with fans hungry for every sliver of information that they can get their hands on. Of course, Blizzard knows this, and is teasing hard about what’s to come. In an interview with Freedo on YouTube, creative director Jeff Kaplan spoke about the new hero, describing […]

Blizzard Aims to Release New Overwatch Map & More Skins By “End of the Month,” Also Explains Loot Drops News 0

News 0 It looks like the new Overwatch “Blizzard World” map, as well as new additions to the standard skin pool, could be coming to the main build by the end of the month. Responding to a post on the official Overwatch forums, Blizzard game director Jeff Kaplan said that he’s hoping everything launches before the end of the month, but […]

Heroes of the Storm Update Hits Hard With Gameplay Changes and Adds New Hero News 0

News 0 A new Heroes of the Storm update is now live. While those on the PTR had a chance to preview the changes, the final patch features a lot of new tweaks and improvements. Don’t worry, though, new hero Blaze has still been added and is now playable. The following heroes have been tweaked: Hanzo, Nova, Samuro, Valeera, […]

Overwatch Update Adds OWL Skins, New Microtransaction Currency, Bug Fixes & More News 0

News 0 A new Overwatch update has now rolled out to all platforms, bringing PS4, Xbox One, and PC players new skins to earn, and gameplay improvements to enjoy. To help celebrate the Overwatch League event, new “OWL” skins have been added to the game. Blizzard is allowing players one free purchase, so go grab a skin at no additional cost! […]

Fan-Made Overwatch Map Attracts Attention of Blizzard, Developer Says “We’ll Be In Touch” News 0

News 0 Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan has reached out to the talented chap who created the fan-made Cairo map. User Joshua12g posted a video of his Unreal Engine 4-fuelled masterpiece, which Kaplan saw. Kaplan commented on the /r/Overwatch post saying: Comment from discussion CAIRO MAP (Payload) | Fan-Made Map | Unreal Engine 4. That’s “Amazing work! We’ll […]

Overwatch’s Doomfist Is Plagued by Over 18 New Bugs News 0

News 0 Despite Blizzard’s attempts to make Overwatch hero Doomfist a less buggy and broken character, there’s still lots of issues cropping up. Reddit user iSinner_ has compiled examples of over 18 new Doomfist bugs, which vary in rarity and severity. Here’s what iSinner_ has jotted down thus far: Bug 1 Zarya bubble <-> rocket punch interaction – zarya’s bubble […]

Overwatch Update Hits PTR With Hero Changes, Junkrat and Mercy Nerfed News 0

News 0 Blizzard is showing no mercy for Mercy and Junkrat. Over on the Overwatch PTR, a new patch is being tested that nerfs both heroes. The latest changes were posted on the game’s forums by principal designer Geoff Goodman: HERO UPDATES Junkrat Concussion Mine Will now deal less damage to targets farther away from the explosion’s center Developer […]

Heroes of the Storm PTR Update Adds New Hero, Tweaks Battlegrounds & More News 0

News 0 A new Heroes of the Storm update is available to test out on the PTR. Players are able to test out the new hero, Blaze, as well as other significant upcoming changes. This latest patch will be available for playtesting until January 8. Here’s all you need to know about the new hero: Cpl. Miles “Blaze” Lewis […]

Overwatch Season 8 Is Here With Big Changes & New Dev Update Discusses Content for 2018 News 0

News 0 Happy New… Overwatch season to you! Season 8 has officially kicked off, giving competitive players the chance to improve on previous efforts. Season 8 comes with some significant changes, as Blizzard attempts to “increase match quality.” Scroll down for everything you need to know! Limiting the Skill Rating variance for Teams The first change is limiting […]

Blizzard: Overwatch Doesn’t Belong in Loot Box Controversy News 4

News 4 There’s been a lot of discussion happening lately regarding loot crates due to AAA games like Call of Duty: WWII and Star Wars Battlefront II (just to name a few) implementing it in their games. While the ESRB might not deem it as a form of gambling, a lot of gamers are still not OK […]

Free Hearthstone Card Packs Given Away by Blizzard to Celebrate Gifting Launch News 0

News 0 Blizzard’s digital storefront and games platform  has a few new social features, but three’s one that’s been a request by veteran users, and that’s “gifting.” If you don’t know what gifting is, it’s a way for players to send games, DLC or other digital stuff to their chosen friend or person as a gift.  […]

Overwatch Copycat “Heroes of Warfare” Developer Being Sued By Blizzard News 2

News 2 Blizzard is taking aiming at a copycat game by the name of Heroes of Warfare. It’s a mobile title that plays like and looks incredibly similar to Overwatch. Blizzard China and NetEase (Overwatch‘s Chinese operator) believe it’s a blatant rip off and are taking legal action. I mean, you can’t exactly blame them! Just look at the […] Appear Offline, Groups, Profiles & More Tested in Beta Update News 0

News 0 Blizzard has released an updated beta version of, introducing new social features which can be used on the desktop app. The major additions are a new social tab, Blizzard groups, profiles and an appear offline mode.  Users are able to test all of these new features by opening the PC app, clicking on the […]

Overwatch Perma Bans Issued Starting Next Week, Play Fair or Don’t Play at All News 1

News 1 To help “reduce unwelcome behavior,” Blizzard will be introducing Overwatch perma bans for Competitive Play. This system will kick in on September 27, with any player who accumulates three or more seasonal bans potentially suffering a permanent ban.  These “three strikes” stay with you upon season reset. “If a player earned season bans in Seasons 2 and […]

Blizzard Reveals Plans to Reduce Overwatch In-Game Toxicity, Disciplinary Action Taken Against 480,000 Accounts News 2

News 2 Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan appeared on the game’s official YouTube channel to talk about in-game toxicity, and what Blizzard is trying to do to reduce it. He explained that Blizzard has already “taken disciplinary action against over 480,000 accounts.”  Having to dedicate resources to tracking down and punishing offending players, is slowing down the production […]

Hearthstone Synergy System Getting Dropped in Arena Mode News 0

News 0 The fans have spoken, and Blizzard has listened. The studio will be chucking out the “synergy” system it implemented in last month’s changes to Hearthstone’s Arena mode after fans voiced out that they didn’t like it. In Arena mode, players pick between one of three random cards, which they keep on repeating until they have […]

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