Check Out These Black Ops 2 Custom Weapon Camo Packs Included In New Micro-Transaction Model – Bacon

Yesterday, Activision introduced in-game micro-transactions to the Xbox 360 version of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, a move that was detailed earlier in this post and is later to come to the PlayStation 3 and PC.

Today, Activision’s Dan Amrich, AKA One Of Swords, revealed a number of custom weapon camoflauge patterns that are now available as part of this new micro-transaction model. There are nine in total, ranging from some whackier patterns to some more tastier ones. You’ll see what I mean below:










With each personalization pack, users will also receive three targeting reticles – one for each of the Reflex EO Tech and ACOG sights – as well as a custom player Calling Card. Each pack will cost you 160 Microsoft points, or just under $2 USD – just some of the few non-game affecting “little luxuries” you’ll be able purchase within this new model.

Any weapon camo in particular that has you excited? Are you finding Black Ops 2 new micro-transaction model appealing so far?

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