CoD Developer May Move on to Create New IP, New MW3 Hotfix Details

After working on Modern Warfare 3, Sledgehammer Games ponders its future.

Though we reported earlier that CoD developer, Sledgehammer Games showed interest in developing a Call of Duty of their own, it now seems like developing a completely new IP (intellectual property) might be on their agenda. In an interview with industrygamers, co-founder of Sledgehammer Games, Glen Schofield, gave a small glimpse into their future.

When asked how they felt about creating a new IP, Schofield answered “We’d like to do both [create another CoD] or either. Truthfully, how could you go wrong with making either another CoD game or a new IP.” He continued, “both will push you as a developer and both are fun to create and develop. Activision is definitely open to new ideas. Just take a look at the Action/Adventure game we were initially working on that – Sledgehammer Games canceled it for the opportunity to work on MW3.” Schofield couldn’t give any specific plans as to what the team will be working on next; though, he did mention now that MW3 has launched, “we will all need some time to recharge the batteries and come back refreshed and ready to give 110%… I know Activision wants us to work on what we’re passionate about, that’s why they asked us to work on MW3, not forced us.”

Would you like to see a third studio working on the Call of Duty franchise? Or, would you like to see Sledgehammer Games try out a new IP? Let us know in the comments below.

In other news, Modern Warfare 3 has recently seen an update. So far, this hotfix has corrected a known glitch on the map Outpost which allowed players to roam underneath the map getting free kills. Humorously, IW/SHG even went as far as getting the player killed if they tried to do so any further.

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