COD Warzone Down, Server Issues Reported for May 7 (Update)

COD Warzone Down

Trying to log in to play some Call of Duty Warzone but noticing some issues? Well, you aren’t alone as many have reported that COD Warzone is down for today, May 7.

Update (May 8, 3:15 p.m. ET): Those seeing outages for Warzone this May 8, we can confirm it is happening, and you can keep track of the status update of it right here.

COD Warzone Down Reports for May 7:

As of right now, the COD Warzone servers appear to be down in multiple locations. Activision has officially acknowledged the Warzone downtime, though has yet to provide any sort of ETA as to when they will be resolved. 

We’re currently experiencing connectivity issues. This incident is under investigation.

Now, do note that it doesn’t appear to be down for everyone as we were able to get on ourselves, though some of our other colleagues are experiencing issues with logging in. Hopefully this is resolved quickly, but for now, know that Activision and Raven Software are working on resolving it. If you’re on Xbox, Xbox Live has been experiencing issues since yesterday, so it’s not just Warzone.

Check back regularly (hit that refresh button from time to time) here as we will update this page once we know more info, and when it’s finally resolved. 

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