Call of Duty: WWII Beta Update Raises Level Cap, Adds New Weapon and Scorestreak

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If you’re having fun with the Call of Duty: WWII beta but have already managed to hit the beta level cap of 20, then rejoice! Sledgehammer Games has just raised the COD: WWII beta level cap  to 25 and even added some new stuff, too!

Aside from the increased level cap, the Call of Duty: WWII beta update also adds a new submachine gun called the Waffe 28, a Fighter Pilot scorestreak, and the 1911 pistol. Additionally, there’s additions for Basic Training too. Players can now choose Energetic, which is unlockable at level 23, and a new grenade called the S-MINE 44, which can be unlocked at level 21.

For more COD: WWII coverage, check out our video where we list down the five things you ought to try in the COD: WWII beta. We also showcase the Paratroopers scorestreak in one of our videos, and that’s the highest streak attainable right now.

Stay tuned for more COD: WWII beta coverage from MP1st, and make sure to tune in tomorrow to see what we think of it so far.

Source: CharlieIntel