PSA: Call of Duty: WWII COD Points Now Live

As we’ve previously reported, Call of Duty: WWII COD Points are now live in the game after its initial delay! Those who pre-ordered the game should get their “free” 1,000 COD Points in the game’s mail section.

Once you’ve redeemed the COD Points, you can then go to the Quartermaster where you can get (for one-time only) a “Starter Bundle” that nets you three Rare Supply Drops, and 20 minutes of bonus Soldier XP and Division XP!

Image courtesy of Charlie Intel:

I already redeemed and opened mine, and I managed to get an epic shotgun, and an epic MP-40. You can also get a Rare Zombie Supply Drop if you’re more of a Zombies mode player. As for the COD Points, you can buy directly from the Quartermaster too! Clicking the icon will lead you to the COD Points packages page that looks like the one below.

So for $2 you’ll be able to get one Rare Supply Drop, five for the next one with an extra 199 COD Points bonus and so on.

It’s currently not know if all the weapons listed in the Supply Drop weapons list we posted will be included for now, but once we do get one, we’ll let you know.

In other COD: WWII news, go check out this week’s set of Orders. Or in the gameplay front, Michael Condrey, Sledgehammer Games boss has mentioned why Domination kills only count for 50 points each, and how the bad spawn rate is at a franchise-setting low in COD: WWII. 

Will you be buying COD Points to snag some of those Epic Calling Cards, weapon variants and more?

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