Call of Duty: WWII COD Points Live Date Pushed Back to November 21

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Originally planned to launch tomorrow, Call of Duty: WWII’s COD Points live date is being pushed to November 21 by Activision. While no reason was given, it’s assumed that this is most likely due to server issues, and other game problems that have yet to be resolved.

Those who bought the digital edition of COD: WWII, the bonus 1,100 CP will be awarded when it’s live. So don’t worry, your virtual currency isn’t going anywhere.

If you can’t see the tweet, it reads:

As an update to an earlier announcement, the COD Points live date has been shifted to November 21. As a digital edition owner, your bonus of 1,100 CP will be awarded at that time. Thank you for your patience.

For those not familiar with COD Points, it’s used to buy Supply Drops in the game, which (for now) house gun variations that offer more XP per kill, Calling Cards and other items. It’s not known whether COD: WWII will offer Supply Drops-exclusive weapons like past entries in the franchise, Black Ops 3, Infinite Warfare, and Sledgehammer Games’ own, Advanced Warfare.

In other COD: WWII news, we just posted a new video showcasing the most useful equipment in War mode that no one uses. We also just posted our Infantry guide the other day for assault rifle users.