Call of Duty: WWII US Matches Hosted on Dedicated Servers on PS4, “Encouraging” Results Says Developer (Update)

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Sledgehammer Games boss Michael Condrey has given an update! Xbox One dedicated servers have also rolled out for US as well. No word yet on worldwide, though.

We’ll keep everyone posted if there are any changes.

Original Story:

Following news this weekend that Call of Duty: WWII dedicated servers have been turned off to fix the lingering connection issues with the shooter, Sledgehammer Games has given an update on the situation.

Over on Twitter, the official Sledgehammer Games Twitter account announced that US (NA) COD: WWII matches on PlayStation 4 have been hosted on dedicated servers, with tests being deployed on Xbox One “shortly.”

In case you couldn’t see the tweet, it reads:

DEDICATED SERVER UPDATE: US matches on PS4 have been hosted on Dedicated Servers. Results are encouraging and we will be deploying the test to XB1 shortly. Thanks for your patience – stability on dedicated servers remains our top priority.

Hopefully, dedicated server support will be available to everyone (worldwide) soon. Of course, that’s not the only issue plaguing COD: WWII currently. Sledgehammer Games even made a list of priority stuff that needs fixing ASAP. There’s supposed to be a patch released very soon that will fix some in-game glitches. Once it’s deployed, we’ll be sure to let people know.