Call of Duty: WWII Dedicated Servers Currently Offline, P2P Connection Implemented for Now (Update #2)

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Update #2 (11/11/2017):

Sledgehammer Games has tweeted that the game will be on P2P connections for the weekend since more testing is being done.

Once we have another update, we’ll update the post.


Sledgehammer Games is restoring dedicated servers, though Gamebattles will be offline while it’s being implemented.

Once there’s another update on this, we’ll update the post to reflect it.

Original Story:

Just a few hours ago, we reported that Activision saying that they are “aware” of the current matchmaking issues players have encountered in Call of Duty: WWII. Well, we now have an update, but it might be not what players are expecting.

First, the good news: multiplayer connectivity is supposedly better than before, however, it’s at the expense of dedicated servers. This was announced by the Sledgehammer Games Twitter account.

In case you can’t read the tweet, it says:

 MP connectivity improved from earlier, but dedicated servers are currently off-line. Expect normal P2P performance including host migrations. We’ll be sharing updates throughout the day on current status. 

If you’re playing COD: WWII multiplayer, have you noticed any big changes in matchmaking and connections? Is it better or worse? From my testing, it seems it’s easier to get into matches now, so there’s at least that.

In other COD: WWII news, don’t forget that there’s a game update that rolled out today, which you can read the patch notes in full right here. There’s currently a double XP weekend event too, but it seems players aren’t really getting double XP or maybe it’s just me.

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