Call of Duty: WWII Multiplayer Improvements We Want to See ASAP

cod ww2 fixes

[tps_title]Tone Down Screen Shake/Shellshock[/tps_title]

Have you played COD: WWII and noticed your screen shake from explosions and whatnot? Yeah, that’s an old gameplay mechanic used a lot of times for a hint of realism and whatnot. However, in COD: WWII it’s a tad too much.

Grenades make your screen shake, and that’s fine. However, whenever scorestreaks (regardles if it’s by your teammates or the opposing team), will make your screen shake so hard you’d think you were in a blender or getting headaches. You can’t even aim your weapon for the entirety of it even. 

It needs to be toned down. 

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