Call of Duty: WWII PC Update Now Live, 2-Player Parties Now Available in Ranked Play

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PC gamers, there’s a new Call of Duty: WWII PC patch out now! It’s understandably for multiplayer, but there are technical tweaks and even a single-player fix as well.

Check out the complete patch notes for the latest COD: WWII PC update (via Steam).


  • Fixed an issue in Winter Carentan where placeholder text was visible
  • Adjusted melee weapon lean speed to match pistol lean speed
  • Fixes for aspect ratio UI issues
  • UI fixes in Emblem Editor
  • Fixed issue where reload animation played twice when triggered
  • Fixed issues that were causing difficulties with matchmaking under certain conditions after leaving a playlist


  • Fixed an issue where placement matches weren’t accurately tracking and wins were counting as losses
  • Fixed UI issues with Divisions after leaving a Ranked Play match in progress
  • Fixed an issue where some players would receive starting rank before all placement matches were completed


  • Full support for Splitscreen
  • Keyboard and Mouse + Controller
  • Controller + Controller


  • Fixed issues that could result in corrupt data or graphical anomalies when patching and resuming from checkpoints

In addition to the patch, Sledgehammer Games has also made a big change to Ranked Play. This announcement was made over on Reddit, but you can read the entire announcement below.

We are excited to share that we’ve completed the first phase of our individual Ranked Play MMR process of Season One, The Placement Season. In today’s update, we’ve introduced 2-player party functionality into Ranked Play. We look forward to continuing Season One, and gathering 2P party data throughout the weeks ahead.

There are a number of reasons we chose to introduce 2-player parties first. It’s important to maintaining the integrity of Ranked Play that we don’t force players to have a full party to be competitive with other full parties. It’s also quicker, to skill match individual players and parties of 2, which is an important factor to the Ranked Play experience.

Related, we have a tightly integrated GameBattles feature that offers a 4v4 team experience that mirrors the CWL rule set and is the perfect place for 4-player parties to test their team skill against other full teams.

We’ll have more exciting news in the weeks ahead, so please stay tuned to the r/WWII subreddit and @SHGames via Twitter.

Best, Condrey

This new two-player party feature is available across all platforms and not just for PC. In related COD: WWII PC news,  don’t forget, Sledgehammer has also rolled out a new Twitter account that’s specifically to tackle PC cheaters.