Sledgehammer Games Cites “Extremely High Volume of Players” as Cause for Call of Duty: WWII Servers Issues

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It’s no secret that the Call of Duty: WII servers had a lot of issues at launch and even during the weekend.  Today, Sledgehammer Games has issued a statement explaining the massive server issues COD: WWII has faced the past few days.

Check out an excerpt of the message below.

Thank you for your incredible ongoing support of Call of Duty: WWII. We are humbled by the response we’ve received from the Call of Duty community. Since launch, we have been working hard around the clock to optimize the experience for everyone and have made a series of updates to address issues over the last 48 hours.  

At launch, we experienced an extremely high volume of players connecting to our servers in a very short window. This resulted in players experiencing mixed online connectivity across all platforms. In response, we pushed a change enabling higher capacity load balancers, resulting in improved live connectivity. In addition, we made HQ a solo experience, and deactivated Leaderboard updates in the short term. This has resulted in improved live connectivity and the best in-match experience for fans. The game is stable and network performance is strong across all platforms. If you experience any issues online, please reach out to @ATVIAssist for support. Headquarters will return to its fully-populated, shared experience shortly. In the meantime, you can invite your friends to join your HQ experience at any time. Also, rest assured, your leaderboard stats are being recorded and stored, and leaderboard data will be reflected soon.

Additionally, those who lost their multiplayer progression, don’t be upset as Sledgehammer has said that they are “committed” to making it up to the affected people. If I had to wager a guess, maybe a few Supply Drops or something similar?

Hopefully, this is the last of the server issues for COD: WWII. Given its success out of the gate at retail, I doubt players would be happy to experience another server outage again this soon.

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Source: Sledgehammer Games