Command & Conquer: Red Alert Remake Fan Project Demo Now Out, Here’s What You Need to Know

command & conquer red alert remake

A Command & Conquer: Red Alert remake is currently in the works as a fan-made project, and it’s now available for demo. It contains the Allied and Soviet factions from Red Alert, as well as various features from the original game, all ported to the engine used in Command & Conquer: Generals – Zero Hour.

Want to try the fan project out? Here’s everything you need to know.

Command and Conquer: Red Alert Remake Fan Project Details

Titled officially as “C&C Red Alert Redux,” this project is a C&C Generals Zero Hour mod that adds much of C&C Red Alert’s gameplay elements, complete with its own AI. Currently, subfactions and story campaigns are not yet available but will be added at a later date.

You can watch the new demo trailer here:

And here are all the mod’s features as taken from the mod’s Mod DB page, where you can also download the demo right now:

The Red Alert Redux v0.96 demo contains the base Allied and Soviet factions complete with 2 demo missions and 18 skirmish maps available to players for evaluating the gameplay balancing and mod stability. Attack Dogs, Tesla Coils, Naval Warfare, Gap Generators, M.A.D. Tanks, and even Chronoshifting are all included in the mod! The mod also has a fairly respectable AI on Easy, Normal, & Hard settings!

Emergency Repair (both sides) (Rank 1)
Badger Bomber Strike (Soviets only) (Rank 3)
Paratroopers (both sides) (Rank 3)
Artillery Strike (Allies only) (Rank 3)
Missile Silo (both sides) (Rank 5)
Chronosphere (Allies only) (Rank 3)
Iron Curtain (Soviets only) (Rank 3)
M.A.D. Tank (Soviets only) (Rank 5)
Shock Trooper (Soviets only) (Rank 3)
Gap Generator (Allies only) (Rank 3)
Phase Transport (Allies only) (Rank 3)
Chrono Tank (Allies only) (Rank 5)
Tesla Tank (Soviets only) (Rank 3)

Missile Pods -Soviet Hind upgrade
Tank Machine Guns -Medium/Heavy Tank upgrade
Mammoth Tusk Missiles -Soviet Mammoth Tank upgrade
Advanced Armor Upgrade -Allied only
Armor Piercing Bullets Upgrade -Allied only
Horde Bonus -Soviet only
Flak Jackets Armor Upgrade -Allied infantry only
Land Mines -Added to both sides
Ship Mines -Added to Allied Gunboat/Destroyer only
Sonar Pulse -Added to all Subs/Gunboat/Destroyer
MiG Spy Plane -Deployed via Soviet Airfield
GPS Satellite -Deployed via Allied Tech Center
Radar Dome Scan -Added to Radar Dome via upgrade (both sides)
Badger Bomber -Deployed via Soviet Tech Center
Paradrop -Deployed via Tech Center (both sides)
Artillery Strike -Deployed via Allied Tech Center
Pillboxes (Allied) can be garrisoned by 4 infantry units
Gap Generators (Allied) shroud part of the map around them
Camo Pillbox, Kennel, & Adv. Power Plant all exist as structure upgrades

FlakPanzer (anti-air vehicle) (Allied)
GAZ Scout Car (scout transport) (Soviet)
Flame Tank (Soviet)
Ontos Tank (Tech Reinforcement Pad/War Factory only) (Allied)
Lenin Medium Tank (Tech Reinforcement Pad/War Factory only) (Soviet)
Commando (replaces Agent Tanya for the Soviets)
Yak Transport Helicopter (replaces the Chinook for the Soviets)
Both sides can now build the Cargo Transport Trucks as a cheap transport alternative

We don’t know when the campaign and subfactions will be added, but with this much content already available, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t run a few games if you have a copy of Zero Hour already.

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