Competitive Pricing For Xbox One Digital Download Games ‘On Microsoft’s Agenda’

Microsoft’s Larry Hyrb, or better known as “Major Nelson” throughout the Xbox community, has shared some news recently indicating that the company is looking into competitive pricing for digital download games on the Xbox One.

Hyrb took to Reddit to address those who found it unfair that they are not able to pre-order Respawn Entertainment’s upcoming shooter, Titanfall, for the Xbox One digitally in order to take advantage of the recently announced promotion granting those who pre-ordered a redeemable $10 Xbox Live gift card code.

In response to this, Hyrb stated, “we are way aware of this and many of the concerns of the community – we have some great stuff planned for Xbox One this year (and beyond.) As soon as we can share some of the goodness…we will”

Interestingly enough, Hyrb has also revealed that competitive pricing for digital downloads is indeed in Microsoft’s agenda, in response to a concerned user.

Will you be purchasing more of your games digitally if Microsoft unveils competitive pricing for downloadable titles?

Via, Eurogamer.

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