Conan Exiles Patch Arrives on Xbox, Adding Thrall Inventories, New Repair Kits & More

The recent patch for Conan Exiles is now rolling out for Xbox One, adding repair kits for both weapons and armor, a new thrall workstation, and more.

In addition to this, several bug fixes have been made, as well as a lengthy list of balancing and gameplay changes.

For the full list of patch highlights, see below:

– EXPLOIT FIX: It should no longer be possible to increase your movement speed using a Set Antidote

– NEW CONTENT: Added thrall inventories so you can equip your thralls with armor and weapons!

– NEW CONTENT: Added ability to re-position already deployed thralls

– NEW CONTENT: Added ability to have thralls follow players [max 1 at a time]

– NEW CONTENT: Added repair kits for both weapons and armor

– NEW CONTENT: Added monster/animal ecology – animals and monsters will now attack each other out in the wild

– NEW CONTENT: Added new building pieces: Rooftops, corner roofs, corner stairs and awnings, among others.

– NEW CONTENT: Added new thrall workstation: Artisan Workshop. This has been implemented in order to reduce the amount of recipes players have in their crafting menus. All non-crucial survival items (pottery and beds for example) has been moved to this station.

– NEW CONTENT: Added carousel GUI for easier user interface navigation

For the full list of patch notes, click here.

What do you think to the latest patch? Let us know below.

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Source: Conan Exiles

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