Controversial Killzone 2 Reveal Trailer Was Not Running In-Game, Guerrilla Games Finally Confirms


Back in 2005, hype was building for the upcoming PlayStation 3, and gamers were wondering just how powerful the console would be. The sequel to the PlayStation exclusive, Killzone, was one of the most anticipated PS3 titles. To whet gamers’ appetites, Sony showed off a Killzone 2 trailer, which was apparently “running in-game.”

It’s now come to light that, no, the incredible-looking Killzone 2 trailer was not running in-game at all. In fact, developer Guerrilla Games’ Angie Smets claims that “we had only rendered a triangle by that point.” Work on the game had barely begun, yet Sony was stating that the concept trailer was wholly in-game footage.

In an interview with NoClip, Guerrilla claims that they were shocked when Sony showed the trailer:

“We were watching this back home, going, ‘No!’ … What did he just say? It’s not true! Then we figured, nobody will believe that, because it’s obvious that it’s all [pre]-rendered. Then we went online, and we found that lots of people believed it.”

For more from Guerrilla Games, check out the NoClip episode which explores the making of Horizon Zero Dawn:

What do you think of Sony apparently lying to gamers ahead of the PS3 launch? Disappointed to see that the truth has only just come out? Let us know.

Source: NoClip via PushSquare

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