Counter-Strike: Global Offensive PC Update Adds Commend and Report System, More Bug Fixes

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During the Holiday break, Valve released a brand-new Counter Strike: Global Offensive update for the PC, including a new reporting system, many tweaks and bug fixes and the addition of some “holiday cheer.”

Check out the full patch notes below:

  •  Added the ability to commend and report players from the player details view that can be accessed in the scoreboard.
  • Commend: Have you been playing with someone nice? A great teacher, a friendly teammate, or a strong leader? Let them know by commending them! Commendations are anonymous, and you are limited to three every 24 hours. When you have been commended, you’ll see an icon on the main menu that will tell you why (and how many times) you were commended.
  • Report: Sometimes you’ll find an especially naughty player. In this case, you have two options: mute, and report. Reports are also anonymous, but they are unlimited – you can report and mute as many players as you’d like. We store all of the reports that are submitted, but players will not be told when they have been reported.
  • Number of competitive wins, and unique commendations are now shown in the main menu along with skill group.
  • Competitive scoreboard will show number of competitive wins needed to display your skill group if you have not displayed it yet.
  • Fixed movement on ladders ignoring the walk button. Now climbing ladders while holding walk is slow and silent, which fixes previous exploit of being able to climb ladders at fullspeed without making sound.
  • Fixed failure to fire after weapon switching away from a reload and back (fake-reloading).
  • Whitelisted tv_password convar to set GOTV password.
  • Reduced fps in main menu when not connected to a server from 300 fps to 120 fps to help with laptops and desktop video cards doing excessive work. Exposed fps_max_menu convar to control fps in main menu.
  • Added one more minute of grace period for players to reconnect to their competitive match before a cooldown for failing to reconnect is assigned. Cooldown for failing to reconnect is now assigned after player has remained disconnected for at least 4 minutes, not counting the round of disconnection and not counting the round in which 4 minutes grace period elapses.
  • Fixed Hammer crash on exit.
  • Added some holiday cheer.