Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled Update 1.13 Blitzes Out

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Beenox has once again released a new Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled update, and it brings skill-based matchmaking (SBMM( to the table. Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled update 1.13 adds this, and that’s pretty much it as far as we know.

Here’s Beenox’s announcement for Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled update 1.13:

Heads up CTR fans – we’ve been testing skill-based matchmaking in CTR Nitro-Fueled and rolled it out this week for online play. Dive in and let us know how you think it’s going!

Of course, the big patch came last week which brought in new content for the Spooky Grand Prix event. We’ve outlined some of the new challenges, and karts included in the Spooky Grand Prix below, but for the entire thing, head on over here.

  • New Karts:
    3 new karts are available during the Spooky Grand Prix

  1. Skull Rider (Purchasable at Pit Stop)

  2. Nautilus (Unlocked by Nitro Points)

  3. Phantom (Unlocked by Nitro Points)

  • New Challenge Type: Ghost Hunt
    For the duration of this Grand Prix, breaking certain crates will release a mischievous ghost that was trapped inside. Catch up to the ghost to capture it and complete Grand Prix challenges.

  • Returning items from the Nitro Tour Grand Prix
    Select characters and items from the first Grand Prix, Nitro Tour, are making their return to the Pit Stop.

The Spooky Grand Prix will be available until November 3, 2019. If we notice or see any new gameplay changes, we’ll let our readers know.