The Crew’s Open World is Larger Than GTA V, Far Cry 3, and Skyrim Combined

We already know that Ubisoft and Ivory Tower’s open world driving game The Crew will take you 90 minutes to drive across its 6,213 miles of open road, but exactly how big is the game’s world?

Creative Director Julian Gerighty has the answers.

Showing off the map size to Teamvvv, Gerighty demonstrated how Grand Theft Auto V’s Los Santos, Red Dead Redemption’s Wild West, Forza Horizon’s Colorado, Need for Speed Rival’s Redview County, Far Cry 3’s tropical island and Skyrim all fit within.

“In terms of size, our New York is about the same size of Liberty City in GTA IV,” Julian said. “But on top of that we’ve got Chicago, Detroit, St Louis, Miami, Dallas, Las Vegas, Seattle, San Francisco and all of these cities – I insisted on including Detroit because of the heart of Motor City. But it’s not just these cities: it’s everything in-between. So it’s a very big game.”

That’s a lot of driving.

Yesterday, the studio launched a brand new trailer showing off The Crew’s diverse locales, announcing a Fall 2014 Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC release launch window.

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