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The Crew 2 First Major Update “Gator Rush” Release Date Announced News 0

News 0 At gamescom, Ubisoft announced the first major update for racing game, The Crew 2. Called “Gator Rush,” the content drop will be available this coming September 26 for all platforms (PS4, Xbox One, and PC). Introduced in the heart of the southern swamps, the all-new hovercraft discipline in the off-road family will have players doing things no other vehicles can do in The Crew 2. With […]

The Crew 2 Release Date Announced in Style, New Trailer States “America Is Our Playground” News 0

News 0 The release date for The Crew 2 has been revealed alongside a new trailer. The game is set to launch March 16, 2018, and is coming to PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.  Players will be able to get their hands on a beta build by signing up for access here. Need more convincing that The Crew […]

The Crew Rolls Up To Consoles and PC Tomorrow, Watch The Launch Trailer News 6

News 6 Ubisoft and Ivory Tower’s open-world racer is rolling up to consoles and PC tomorrow and to get you prepared for its arrival is an impressive CGI launch trailer packed with fast cars and a few fantastical elements for spectacle. The Crew lets racers band together and drive the open roads of the U.S.A from coast […]

Get Knowledgable About The Crew In This New 101 Trailer News 3

News 3 Learn everything there is to know about The Crew with a new in-depth overview trailer from Ubisoft. It covers everything from the open racing world of the USA, to game types, to customization, and more. So, give it a watch to find out if this racer is for you. The Crew launches on Xbox One, […]

The Crew Launch Delayed To December, Gets Another Closed Console Beta in November News 16

News 16 Ubisoft and Ivory Tower have announced today the delay of their open-world next-gen racer, The Crew. Originally positioned to launch on November 11 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC, The Crew will now release worldwide on December 2 and will also be getting a second console beta sometime in November. Creative Director Julian Gerighty said in […]

The Crew Gets a New Trailer – “Everybody Drive Social” News 7

News 7 Ubisoft and Ivory Tower present the latest trailer for their open world racer, The Crew. Arriving on all platforms November 11, The Crew aims to ensure that gamers “never drive alone” as players take part in co-op or pvp missions and races, or simply roam the open American road in The Crews recreation of the United […]

The Crew Hits The Open Road With a Brand New Overview Trailer News 6

News 6 Ubisoft and Ivory Tower lay down the details on what sort of activities you’ll get up to in their massive, open-word, action-RPG racer, The Crew, when it launches this Fall. Their latest trailer highlights the many game modes and challenges available to take part in alone or with friends inside your new playground, a re-creation of […]

The Crew Closed Beta Gameplay Walkthrough, Kicks Off This Monday News 1

News 1 Ubisoft and developer Ivory Tower are only the weekend away from officially launching the PC closed beta for their upcoming open-world racer, The Crew. Starting this Monday, July 21, and running through to Friday, July 25, The Crew’s Closed Beta will give you access to the entire country while providing activities in the mid-West and […]

The Crew Coast To Coast E3 2014 Gameplay, Closed Beta Begins July News 3

News 3 Showcasing the massive open world of The Crew at E3 2014, developer Ubisoft/Ivory Tower demoed a coast to coast race sequence in their next-gen racer that creative director Julian Gerighty says will take over two real life hours to complete. For time sake, the on-screen demo was clearly sped up, but it gives you a pretty good idea of […]

The Crew’s Open World is Larger Than GTA V, Far Cry 3, and Skyrim Combined News 47

News 47 We already know that Ubisoft and Ivory Tower’s open world driving game The Crew will take you 90 minutes to drive across its 6,213 miles of open road, but exactly how big is the game’s world? Creative Director Julian Gerighty has the answers. Showing off the map size to Teamvvv, Gerighty demonstrated how Grand Theft Auto V’s Los Santos, Red […]

Open-World Action-Driving Game The Crew Launches This Fall, New Trailer News 9

News 9 The Crew, an action-driving game in an open-world populated by real players, is coming to the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC this Fall, developer Ivory Tower and publisher Ubisoft announced today. The Crew will be available in two editions for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4; The Limited Edition and the Muscle Edition. The […]

Ubisoft’s The Crew Supports ‘No Player Limit’ And Boasts 10,000 km Worth Of Road News 17

News 17 The Crew, an open-world racer co-developed by Ivory Towers and Ubisoft Reflections which was was revealed to the world during Ubisoft’s 2013 E3 conference, will be biggest game ever, according to developers. Though it seems a little far fetched, Ivory Tower’s COO Ahmed Boukhelifa offers some concrete details to support this claim. Talking with OPM, Boukhelifa admitted that saying game’s […]

E3 2013 – Check Out Ubisoft’s New Racer ‘The Crew’ With This Announcement Trailer, Releases Early 2014 News 2

News 2 The Crew, an open-world racer from the folks over at Ubisoft Reflections and Ivory Tower was officially announced during the Ubisoft 2013 E3 conference. It will feature an online persistent representation of the U.S., allowing players infiltrate criminal organizations in individual cities. According to Ubisoft, the online persistent world blurs the lines between the game’s […]