Crysis 3 Multiplayer Patch Addresses “A Variety of Known Issues”

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Still playing Crysis 3 multiplayer? If so, you may not have noticed, but a brand new patch has been deployed addressing “a variety of known issues.”

According to developers Crytek, “Data Patch G is a behind the scenes update and is automatically downloaded when entering Multiplayer.”

“But what does it do?” you might ask. Check out the full patch notes below, applicable to the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC:

  • Recoil adjusted on some weapons to fix unintended behaviour after Patch 1.4
  • Increased laser beam visibility
  • Fixed issue where zoomed HMG’s had no recoil
  • Fixed issue where some weapons with Aim Enhance Tier 3 and a Muzzlebrake had no recoil
  • Weapon balance tweaks
  • Rhino range slightly reduced
  • Kvolt accuracy increased
  • OGR damage slightly increased
  • LTAG clip size increased by one and max ammo +2
  • Jackal damage slightly increased

To know that you’re all caught up on patch notes, you should see [ ONLINE ] [ PATCH_G ] in the bottom left-hand portion of your multiplayer screen.

If you haven’t heard, Crysis 3 received a bit of a multiplayer expansion a few weeks ago called The Lost Island, which we reviewed here if you’d like to check it out. It revisits some of the original Crysis setting and adds a bunch of new weapons and game modes.