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Grand Theft Auto 5, Crysis 3, Need For Speed Rivals Discounted in Xbox Live Sale News 1

News 1 Xbox Live’s Ultimate Games Sale continues with Day 4, throwing up a new set of discounted titles for download on the Xbox 360 for today only. Today, you’ll find the one and the only Grand Theft Auto 5 for half off. It’s not too late to pick it up either if you want to get in […]

EA Publisher Sale on Xbox Deal Of The Week – Crysis 3, Battlefield 1943, FIFA 14, and More on Sale News 6

News 6 This week’s Xbox Deal Of The Week sees a handful of Electronic Arts games on sale thanks to an EA Publisher sale that’s now live for the next week. Among the titles that are discounted for the next couple of days are multiplayer titles such as Battlefield 1943, Crysis 3, FIFA 14, and Need for […]

5 Previous-Gen Multiplayer Games That Should Be Remade For Next-Gen News 105

News 105 I’ll admit, next-gen life isn’t as glamorous as it’s made out to be. After hype for both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One’s launch – along with their not-so-extensive list of first- and third-party launch titles – has died down, I find myself staring into an empty abyss of non-existent next-gen multiplayer games asking myself, […]

Xbox Live Ultimate Game Sale Day Three Deals Detailed News 17

News 17 With the third day of Xbox Live’s week-long Ultimate Game Sale up and running for the rest of the day, Xbox Live Gold members can look forward to purchasing multiplayer titles such as Forza Horizon, Left For Dead 2 and Crysis 3 at a discounted price. Check out the full listing for the third day […]

Xbox Live Ultimate Game Sale Underway, Check Out What’s On Sale News 12

News 12 Get ready to break out your wallets, as Xbox Live is set to have a week long sale for a good handful of games, starting this week. The sale includes the likes of titles such as Borderlands 2, Gears Of War: Judgement, Crysis and many more. Check out the list below of the games that […]

Crysis 3 – Double XP Arrives This Weekend News 9

News 9 “Victory will be twice as sweet during the Double XP Weekend beginning next Friday,” writes Crytek in a recent Facebook update. No details were given, but it looks like Double XP is headed your way this weekend, if you’re still enjoying the game’s nanosuit-powered multiplayer gameplay. We’ll make sure to update with more solid details […]

Crysis 3 Multiplayer Patch Addresses “A Variety of Known Issues” News 15

News 15 Still playing Crysis 3 multiplayer? If so, you may not have noticed, but a brand new patch has been deployed addressing “a variety of known issues.” According to developers Crytek, “Data Patch G is a behind the scenes update and is automatically downloaded when entering Multiplayer.” “But what does it do?” you might ask. Check out […]

Crysis 3: The Lost Island DLC Review Reviews 31

Reviews 31 To be 100% honest, I’m actually surprised I’m even able to review Crysis 3‘s first piece of downloadable multiplayer content in the first place, considering how hard it is to even find others who will play it with me. Crysis 3’s community is small – so small, that in the base game, the only viable […]

Crysis 3 The Lost Island DLC Gets a Launch Trailer News 10

News 10 If you haven’t heard, Crysis 3 got some DLC a few days ago. To be more specific, Crysis 3 received it’s first multiplayer DLC on June 4 called The Lost Island. Introducing four new maps set on the Lingshan Island of the original Crysis, Crossing, Coastline, Ascent, and Creek, all offer stunning visuals and dense, […]

Crysis 3: The Lost Island DLC Launches Today for PC and Xbox 360, Later for PlayStation 3 News 8

News 8 Crysis 3 fans can look forward to more action in the tropical setting of the Lingshan Islands later today as Crytek is launching Crysis 3’s first set of DLC, The Lost Island. Taking place in the same setting as the original Crysis, The Lost Island introduces four new maps, two new game modes, and two […]

Crysis 3 Double XP Weekend Event Leads Up To Lost Island DLC Release News 46

News 46 Crytek has just recently announced Crysis 3 first DLC, The Lost Island, which will introduce four new maps that take place in the same tropical setting as the first, original Crysis, two new game modes and two new weapons. To celebrate, the studio is turning Double XP for Crysis 3 multiplayer all weekend. That means […]

Crytek Announces First Crysis 3 Multiplayer DLC – The Lost Island News 42

News 42 After dropping a few hints and teasing their fans with imagery of new settings and weaponry, studio Crytek has finally announced The Lost Island multiplayer DLC for Crysis 3. The Lost Island introduces four new maps to Crysis 3’s multiplayer, all set within the within a tropical island location off the coast of Ling Shan […]

Incoming Crysis 3 Announcement – Crytek Hints At Return of Nomad and Tropical Setting News 19

News 19 A few short days ago, we hypothesized that the rumored Crysis 3 DLC would be set in the same environments that the original Crysis took place, in the tropics. Crytek hinted as much today via their Twitter account, saying that a major Crysis 3 announcement is on its way tomorrow (May 27) and that they’re […]

Is Crysis 3’s Rumored DLC Set In The Tropics? News 97

News 97 Last week, a list of additional Crysis 3 Xbox Live Achievements were outed, suggesting Crytek’s latest FPS would be receiving it’s first set of downloadable content in the near future. To add fuel to the speculative fire, Crytek has recently been publishing a number of images on their social media channels, suggeting that new content […]

Rumored Cryisis 3 DLC Incoming, New Achievements Surface News 14

News 14 Recent achievement listings for Crysis 3 suggest the game will be getting its first DLC in the near future. Posted by XB360A, the DLC will allegedly contain 250G worth of achievement points centered around this new DLC, which is said to include four new maps called Creek, Crossing, Ascent and Coastline. It’s also said to […]

Battlefield 3, Premium, Premium Edition, Crysis 3, Dead Space 3 and More Up To 50% Off in Origin Sale News 16

News 16 There is some good stuff going on over at Origin if you happen to be a fan of Battlefield 3, Crysis 3, Dead Space 3, or other action/shooter games. Origin is holding an up-to-50%-off sale on a number of action titles until April 30, so head on over to Origin before the end of the month […]

Crysis 3 Patch 1.3 Fixes a Ton of Bugs News 11

News 11 Crysis 3 fans on the PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 are treated to yet another patch. This one particular focuses heavily on a number of bug fixes, rather than gameplay balance tweaks or weapon updates. Many of the fixes are single player-exclusive, but there are a number of multiplayer fixes to go around as […]

Crysis 3 Multiplayer Patch Tweaks Weapons and Updates Console Matchmaking News 3

News 3 Crytek has pumped out another patch for Crysis 3‘s multiplayer on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. According to the MyCrysis forums, Data Patch D is a “behind the scenes update” that will automatically download once you enter the Multiplayer portion of Crysis 3. Check out the full update notes below, made up mostly […]

Crysis 3 PC Patch 1.2 Now Live, Data Patch C Incoming To All Platforms News 10

News 10 The PC version of Crysis 3 gets patched as all platforms await an update that will tweak a few balancing issues with Crysis 3’s multiplayer. Crytek writes on the official forums, Thanks for all your helpful feedback on Crysis 3 so far, and for your contribution to making the gameplay experience the best it can […]

Crysis 3 Is 30% off on Origin For a Limited Time News 7

News 7 Crysis 3, available for the PC, Xbox 360, and Play Station 3, is now available for 30% off if you purchase the titles from EA’s Origin store. The deal is on only for a “limited time,” so get on it quick if you feel like snagging Crysis 3 for a good price. Sitting on the […]

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