Incoming Crysis 3 Announcement – Crytek Hints At Return of Nomad and Tropical Setting

A few short days ago, we hypothesized that the rumored Crysis 3 DLC would be set in the same environments that the original Crysis took place, in the tropics.

Crytek hinted as much today via their Twitter account, saying that a major Crysis 3 announcement is on its way tomorrow (May 27) and that they’re “going back.” They also hinted at the return of Crysis 1’s main protagonist, Nomad.

Screen Shot 2013-05-29 at 11.06.07 AM

By “going back,” we presume that whatever tomorrow’s anouncement is, it will be related to revisiting the setting of the original game. We’re also betting that Nomad will play a large role in whatever new content is in store for Crysis players, either as a playable character, or an important NPC.

If you’ve been following any of Crysis 3’s single player easter egg’s, you’ll know that Crytek had plans for Nomad all along.

Over the last few weeks, Crytek has been hinting at something Crysis 3-related via images of new weaponry and Tropical settings. Check out all the clues we gathered right here. It looks like we may have been on to something!

The question is, will the rumored DLC be single player- or multiplayer-related? If the character Nomad is playing an important role in the new content, we suspect it will be single player-related, which is not a bad thing, considering Crysis 3’s small player base.

What do you guys think? What does Crytek have in store for us? Will it be single player, or multiplayer related?

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