Crysis 3 Multiplayer Patch Tweaks Weapons and Updates Console Matchmaking

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Crytek has pumped out another patch for Crysis 3‘s multiplayer on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

According to the MyCrysis forums, Data Patch D is a “behind the scenes update” that will automatically download once you enter the Multiplayer portion of Crysis 3.

Check out the full update notes below, made up mostly of weapon balance tweaks as well as matchmaking tweaks to the console version of the game.

  • Console matchmaking algorithm tweaks to try and ensure better location matches of clients
  • DSG1 base fire rate increased
  • Mini Typhoon damage increased to 2 shot kill
  • K-Volt spread reduced and movement spread penalty reduced
  • OGR max recoil reduced
  • SCARAB base damage increased
  • SCAR damage fall off increased
  • Fixed issue where SCAR+Mini Typhoon resulted in Full Auto Mini Typhoon.

You’ll know you have this patch applied to your copy of Crysis 3 if you see [PATCH_D] at the bottom left hand side of your multiplayer menu. You’ll need it in order to play with others online who do have the patch applied.

Currently, the patch is live across all platforms.