Crysis 3 Multiplayer Will Have an Easier Entry Level, Crash Site Returns and Challenges Introduced

Shortly after revealing Crysis 3’s brand new Hunter multiplayer mode during Crytek’s EA presentation at this year’s Gamescom, Cevat Yerli, CEO and President of Crytek, sat down with EA Origin to discuss the third numbered entry into the Crysis series, including additional multiplayer details.

In case you missed it, Crytek recently gave us our first look at Crysis 3’s multiplayer with the new Hunter game mode, a mode that pits 2 nano-suit wearing hunters against a squad of CELL soldiers. As each CELL soldier is taken out, that player is then converted to another hunter, making for an increasingly tense situation for surviving players. As a hunter, the task is simply to convert each CELL soldier into  hunters before the timer runs out.

You can check out the visually stunning Hunter mode multiplayer trailer right here.

Crysis 3’s Hunter Multiplayer Mode

When asked if a more traditional multiplayer experience would be returning to Crysis 3 during a live Q&A session with EA Origin, Yerli confirmed the return of more classic modes like Crash Site, as well as some new features that will be making their way to the multiplayer.

“We have Crash Site, which returns from after Crysis 2. It was a very popular mode in Crysis 2,” Yerli tells EA Origin. “So Crash Site is back – improved and refined. It’s better than ever before. We have, of course, also, Hunter Mode as we mentioned before. It’s our main innovative mode. But, we have some others that we will disclose over time.”

Yerli then reflected on on Crysis 2’s multiplayer and some of the issues that it faced: “Multiplayer in Crysis 2 has been very important to us, but, obviously, it didn’t break through as the heart of the game yet.” Learning from past experiences, he explains that, in Crysis 3, “we made it simpler. The entry barrier to Crysis 2 multiplayer was quite complicated, to be honest, and you needed hours to really get to fun. After some hours people really enjoyed it, but its in these first hours that we lost people at the same time. So we made those hours now shorter and more fun and I think its going to be more social, more engaged, more quicker to the core experience. When I say social, I don’t mean just to throw out buzz words, I mean, with your friends, it will be more fun to play.” Fun factor is always a good thing to have in multiplayer, so let’s hope that Crysis 3 can deliver next year.

When it comes to new features, Yerli reveals, “we have built this new feed technology which allows you to pose challenges, developer oriented challenges, challenges that are coming from your friends or in a live lobby session. The best of the lobby players will pose a challenge to you. At the same time, developers can pick up random challenges. So all this is a major effort of making Crysis 3 multiplayer really stick and be much more easier to entry and long to master kind of experience.” Not a whole lot was made clear regarding what exactly this new “challenges” feature really entails, but we can hope to hear more in the lead up to Crysis 3’s release.

Does it sound like Crytek is on track with multiplayer this time around? What are your thoughts?

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