Crysis 3 PC Patch 1.2 Now Live, Data Patch C Incoming To All Platforms

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The PC version of Crysis 3 gets patched as all platforms await an update that will tweak a few balancing issues with Crysis 3’s multiplayer.

Crytek writes on the official forums,

Thanks for all your helpful feedback on Crysis 3 so far, and for your contribution to making the gameplay experience the best it can be. As you can imagine, the post-launch period has been exciting and busy in equal measure as we gather feedback from players around the globe and make tweaks based on our own observations.

Patch 1.1 was released two weeks ago for the PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Check out patch 1.2 below, only for the PC.

PC Patch 1.2

  • Fixed after-match award dog tags from not loading from the profile correctly
  • Fixed root cause of some graphics driver crashes
  • Fixed particle shader causing black squares/broken shading on some graphics cards
  • Fixed shadering issue with underwater fog
  • Fixed issues with non-default controls for weapon customization
  • Fixed some issues with binding non-default vehicle controls

Crytek notes, “we’re currently experiencing some issues with dedicated servers not showing up correctly. We’re working on resolving this with our server providing partners ASAP.”

Later on, all platforms will be receiving Data Patch C which will tweak a number of multiplayer balance issues, including some matchmaking updates.

Data Patch C (All Platforms)

  • Developers Choice playlist updated to new game mode variation
  • Jackal fire rate decreased slightly
  • Jackal per pellet damage fall off increased
  • Fixed an issue where the Takedowns spread escalated too quickly in certain zoom modes
  • Grendel fall damage fall off reduced for better long range impact
  • FY71/SCAR damage fall off increased to reduce their effective range
  • Further matchmaking tweaks for X360 and PS3 to increase chance of local sessions being found
  • Foregrip and Muzzle Brake effectiveness reduced slightly
  • Laser sight effectiveness reduced slightly

Data Patch C’s release time is still to be confirmed.

That does it for this week’s updates. How are you enjoying Crysis 3’s multiplayer so far? Make sure to read up on our review if you haven’t yet.