Cyberpunk 2077 Dev Speaks About Criticism, Goals Were Super Ambitious

Cyberpunk 2077 Designer

The controversial Cyberpunk 2077 is an on-going debate of both fans and heavy critics of the game. To try the game out for himself, many months after its release, CD Project Red’s Lead Quest Designer Pawel Sasko decided to indulge an awaiting audience by playing Cyberpunk 2077 live on his Twitch channel.

Most notably, during the end of his stream yesterday, he addressed a particular concern as to why the game was launched the way it did—citing the ambition developers had set themselves on—as well as how gamers and journalists find difficulty in understanding the developers’ point of view.

“Our goals have been super ambitious,” he said. “I don’t really feel that players and journalists fully, completely understand how difficult it was to make this game.”

He proceeds to tell the viewers, however, that it is within their right to demand for a great game. He then assures that they are continuing to deliver as requested and demanded by its many fans still playing Cyberpunk 2077.

Sasko begun his commentary filled stream on April 16, answering questions from a more than 10,000 in and out viewers. As he goes further into the game, as the story develops, Sasko goes deeply into how narrative storytelling has been his main focus and essential driver of the game. He explains certain jargon, such as what Environmental Storytelling means, and other questions that he would come by.

Sasko will continue to stream every Sunday at 8PM CEST.

A few days ago, it was reported that around 30,000 refunds have already been requested since the game’s release.

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16 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 Dev Speaks About Criticism, Goals Were Super Ambitious

  1. 30’000 refunds… lol.. that barely makes 2 little millions…
    That’s nothing, compared to the 8 million preorders, (70×8’000’000), or 560 millions.

    This reminds me of a football game: one team may cheat a ton..may get free kicks or penaltys… every spectator knows the whole team is cheating.. and at the end, they win 4:3.
    People and fans are mad… but one week later, everybody had forgotten everything. But the victory is still there. Ultimately, it is the end result that matters.

    CDPR knew all this. They knew their game was unplayable on ps4 and x1. They knew the press would criticize them. They knew they would probably have to refund some super pissed buyers. But at the end…
    …preorders and normal sales, they probably have already made well over 1 billion… and will continue selling more and more copies.
    Time heals everything.
    In a few months, after several updates and dlcs, some big websites will do a 2nd opinion/ review, will give it a 9.5 or a10, claiming how amazing the game has become , and thanking CDPR for the excellent job they have done.. and how CDPR still deserves our entire trust.. and money !
    … and another batch/ bunch of gamers will grab their wallets, and CDPR will sell another 15 or 20 million copies, especially by the time the ps5 and x1x versions are released… and they will make another 1 or 1.5 billion $…
    … and everything will be fine !
    Only the end result matters !

    1. Exactly right. We’re not talking about some poor company that simply had to push something out the door, we’re talking about the biggest game publisher in Europe. They certainly could have afforded to delay the game at least a year or two and possibly come out with something special instead of joining Daikatana and Fallout 76 as the biggest launch day disasters of all time, and even Fallout 76 is pretty good now. I enjoyed it a heck of a lot more than Cyberjunk.

      1. Sorry to ask you this, in here, but,
        I absolutely loved fallout 4… fighting different factions.. finding countless areas, buried houses, distant caves.. hanging out/ fighting with different pals… fighting green giant monsters (like enemy and later friend STRONG)… finding blueprints, finding weapons(left by enemies), upgrading the weapon parts… building houses, etc, where peasants could live… finding and crafting armors… using the vats aiming system that would show down the action/ screen…+ the main story…
        I remember I played at least 100 hours and kept leveling my character up, before I even reach my first city (diamond city, I think). Finding new areas, killing enemies, exploring the entire map, upgrading my character and finding great weapons, and building settlements was as important as playing the main story/ campaign.

        Then, they announced fallout 76…

        You said fallout 76 is pretty good now. Did it turn into something that plays , looks and feels more or less like fallout 4 ?
        Or, despite the different patches, dlcs, etc etc, at the end, the game is still built around gamers spending real money on all kinds of crap ?

        Thanks, man !

    2. Maybe…

      When you consider the underhanded way it all went down, followed by the excuses they STILL continue to give, we’ll just have to see. People don’t forget! CDPR knew EXACTLY what they were doing, they just expected to get away with it. The game needs a complete overhaul in my opinion. I haven’t finished it and I doubt I will. It’s painfully dull and uninteresting. You have NO agency as a character and the world itself is simply window dressing. The game can be summed up in one word as far as I’m concerned: SHALLOW!

      If they overhaul the game, the scenario you described might happen.

      Well, maybe.

      By the way, the refunds you mentioned are ONLY what CDPR handled directly. This does not include Steam, Microsoft, or Sony.

    3. There are many fees you’re not accounting for and 8 years of development time. 3 versions of the game scrapped.

      Highly unlikely they turned a legitimate profit when all the costs are accounted for.

  2. “I don’t really feel that players and journalists fully, completely understand how difficult it was to make this game.”
    Wow, blaming people that they just do not understand. As if you deserve a free pass simply for ambition.
    Sorry but it is not the consumer’s job to consider how hard it is to make the game. They paid 60 bucks, they are allowed to critique the game however they want.

  3. That’s the difference between CDPR and some of the companies that successfully make games in the open world rpg genre. Those companies, such as Rockstar, have the talent to match their ambition. CDPR clearly does not, and we all “get it”. It would have been a mediocre game had it released bug free and meaningless graphics aside, when I played it I was struck by the lack of ambition. It literally didn’t have half the features in GTA5 and yet GTA5 released almost a decade and 2 hardware generations ago. CDPR’s made one solid all around game in the Witcher 3 and even that was little more than a well presented Ubisoft style lifeless theme park. Maybe they need to learn to walk before they try to run and dial it back a notch for their next couple projects. They’re clearly in over their head.

    1. He’s actually just lying. Many employee reviews and departures proved they kept changing what the game was going to be. They didn’t have a clear vision. That’s horrible management for you.

  4. After listening to this developer, I completely understand why the game turned out the way it did. The more he talk the more it became obvious what the issues were with this team and this game. I have done all of the updates to the latest one they dropped and the game on XBOX1X is still a hot piece of ****! NPCs still disappearing an appearing from nowhere. Car disappearing right in front of you. His so called favorite mission with Panam when you get to the gas station was a complete flop. It appears that the game got stuck because when I got to the edge of the gas statgion, nobody was in the gas station except the weapons dealer. After I went thru and took out all the cameras and pick up all the loot, I went back to Pam on the hill a came around from the streets. Then the enemies appeared and I took them all out with my sniper rifle. What kinda stupid programing is that? The game is broken to the core. GTA V crushes this game in terms of programming and that game is several years older. CDPR is just lame and their programmers bit off more them can chew with their skill and was more concerned to put their focus on cinematography and the look of the game rather than how the game actually plays.

    1. That’s just an excuse. Larger teams with talent and experience will lead to better games. Just throwing untalented mid tier devs at problems will not. The guys excuses are as weak as his dev skills.

    2. He’s literally lying. That’s not at all what happened. Many employees have already come out and told the truth. They scrapped the game multiple times and started over. Taking features in and out, never having a clue. That’s not ambition. That’s a lack of leadership.

  5. How do developers sleep at night knowing the PR is blatant BS.

    We have evidence that the game was scrapped and rebuilt. Features torn out and thrown in. Entire vision for the product warping over time. You didn’t bite off more than you could chew, your management is completely incompetent and you regularly failed to meet production goals.

    Your leadership sucks, your workers sat by and did a bunch of nothing about it, so they suck. You messed up. Own the fact that you did nothing but crap the bed and maybe I’ll consider buying something with the CD label in the future. For the time being? You falsely advertised a role playing game while it was really just a bad action adventure game with RPG lite features. Quit beating the dead horse. Nobody cares about 2077 anymore.

  6. There’s a broad line between ambition, and incompetence. You were not overly ambitious, bud. Nice try though.

  7. Are we supposed to feel bad for a these LIARS…??? Don’t think so. The blatant LIE they decided to tell gamers is pathetic. And I will never re-buy that game until it falls into the $15. super sale level. Open world RPG my ass.

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