Dark Alliance Update 1.04 July 12 Released (Update)

Dark Alliance Update 1.04

Tuque Games has released the Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance update 1.04 July 12 patch, or also seen as the Dark Alliance update 1.004 patch on PS5, Xbox Series X|S. While Tuque Games has not announced what version this patch is tagged internally, chances are, this is v1.17 for PC. We’ll update the post accordingly if we’re incorrect.

Update (7/20/21): If you are looking for the July 20 patch notes for update 1.05, head on over here!

Dark Alliance Update 1.04 July 12 Patch Notes | Dark Alliance Update 1.004 Patch Notes:

Update: Tuque Games has acknowledged today’s patch and mentioned that a more substantial one is scheduled for next week.

According to Tuque Games, this update addresses disconnect issues that players are having at the end of missions.

Tuque Games has not released the official patch notes, but has touched on some of the things that are being tweaked in this title update, which you can read below (via Tuque Games):

  • Game Stability
  • Disconnects
  • Mission Bugs
  • AI Behaviours
  • Game Balancing on Monsters and Challenge Ratings

We’re keeping an eye out on the community and will update the post once more info has been made public.

Don’t forget to check out our interview with Tuque Games regarding the game where we talk about combat, inspiration and more.

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9 thoughts on “Dark Alliance Update 1.04 July 12 Released (Update)

      1. As much as I like using a controller for this game LS+RS for ultimate was a poor choice. Should have been LB+RB

    1. Majority of pc gamers use a keyboard and mouse that are capable of this already

      1. Are you like brain dead or what? The game has no option to rebind the move keys. SMH!! and to those of you who say use a controller can piss off!

        1. No, I’m not. However I am smart enough to use the software for my keyboard and mouse to do what most games either fail to implement or implement poorly. In my case it is the logitech gaming software. every well known gaming peripheral manufacturer will have software for you to remap your keys.

  1. Just waiting for couch co-op 😀. But keep up the good work gentlemen and Ladies.

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