Dark Souls 2 – New Trailer And Multiplayer Details

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Earlier this year, it was revealed that the team behind Dark Souls 2 would be making a more accessible game to accommodate newer players. Naturally, this wasn’t taken too lightly be the hardcore fans, as many went out to suggest that the game would now be far easier for anyone to pick-up and would lack that trade mark challenge the series is known for. We’ll, new details have surfaced revealing that this probably wont’t be the case.

Steven O’Donnell, host of the Australia’s Good Game, had the opportunity to try out Dark Souls 2. He stated in his tweets that Dark Souls 2 will be much harder and harsher in terms of death and multiplayer. In past games, dying only depleted your health to a set value. However, Dark Souls 2 will now continue to lower an undead player’s health if they continue to die. With the multiplayer, co-op will now be set to time limits. This is a shock, considering that we have always been able to play through a full area in co-op. There will be a variety of different summoning stones, which will stretch from a mere five minutes to even higher value yet announced.

The player vs player system is also changing, and possibly for the worse. This time around, if you are undead, you are not protected by invaders like in the previous title. This announcement has already received a wide variety of feelings as many who want to still be connected online, don’t want to be invaded during their sessions.

Also, if you missed the Tokyo Game Show trailer, here it is below.

Dark Souls 2 is set to releases March 2014 on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and on the PC a bit later. No news whether this will come to either next-generation home consoles.