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Dark Souls 2 Launches On PC, New Trailer News 17

News 17 Soon, PC gamers will know the true meaning of death. Namco Bandai Games and From Software’s hard-as-hell dungeon-explorer, Dark Souls 2, has officially launched on PC. Check out the new launch trailer above. Be sure to read up on our console review, which received a near perfect score. Do note, however, that the game is currently experiencing […]

Dark Souls 2 Review – A World of Beauty and Death, Allies and Enemies Reviews 28

Reviews 28 You thought death was the worst possible fate? Think again. Like previous installments, Dark Souls 2 focuses on a centralized world that has little to no narration. It’s shrouded in a mist of shadow, leaving players to freely explore its world. There is no one to hold your hands, no markers to tell you where […]

Dark Souls 2 – Prop Trolling At The Belfry Tower News 10

News 10 Well, that’s one way of dealing with invaders in the horrific Belfry Tower. In Dark Souls 2, this area in general is probably the most PvP-centric in the entire game, which is no surprise, seeing that you virtually get invaded every few steps. Check out the video above and stay tuned for our full review.

Darks Souls 2 Launch Trailer News 6

News 6 Dark Souls 2 is set to launch tomorrow for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 and to celebrate, Namco Bandai has released a brand-new trailer featuring a bit of CGI and lots of in-game gameplay. I think we can agree the opening lines of dialogue are quite fitting. Check it out above. Be on the […]

Dark Souls 2 Comes To PC On April 25, Prologue Trailer Released News 3

News 3 With Dark Souls 2 releasing in less than a week on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, today Namco Bandai revealed that the PC version, previously with no release date, will be coming out on the 25th of next month, April. To coincide with this announcement, the studio has also released a new trailer titled […]

Dark Souls 2 – Hollow Lullaby Trailer News 3

News 3 While a bit over the top with the voice-over, this new Dark Souls 2 trailer seeps out the memories of old for those who played the first game, reminding them of every bit of struggle one might have endured. The trailer doesn’t really show much in terms of new gameplay, seeing that besides the ending […]

New Dark Souls 2 Multiplayer Details And 12-Minute Gameplay Video News 8

News 8 Dark Souls 2 is seeing a lot of big changes being made to the multiplayer, all of which are meant to “enhance” a player’s experience and even possibly make it even more difficult than it already it is. That’s is fine by us since this game is all about the difficulty. Speaking with the Official PlayStation […]

Dark Souls 2 Achievement/Trophy List Revealed News 14

News 14 A recent listing of Dark Souls 2’s achievements/trophies has recently appeared on the web. Ironically enough, it awards Dark Soul 2 players with an achievement or trophy upon dying for the very first time. That probably won’t be too hard. Those who despise spoilers need not worry, as I excluded any achievements that may related […]

Dark Souls II ­Curse Trailer News 0

News 0 If you weren’t hyped up for the next iteration in the Dark Souls series, then hopefully this brand-new trailer changes that. Showing off the very essence that makes these games so great, this new Dark Souls II trailer reveals new bosses and locations that players will get to explore either solo, or with up to […]

Dark Souls 2 – New Trailer And Multiplayer Details News 9

News 9 Earlier this year, it was revealed that the team behind Dark Souls 2 would be making a more accessible game to accommodate newer players. Naturally, this wasn’t taken too lightly be the hardcore fans, as many went out to suggest that the game would now be far easier for anyone to pick-up and would lack […]

Prepare To Die In The Dark Souls 2 Beta, Beginning October 12th [Updated] News 6

News 6 Dark Souls 2 isn’t set to release until March 2014, but Namco Bandai is giving gamers an opportunity to test the game out next month. Update: As of now, only European can sign-up for the beta with the North America ticket sign-up going up later. Also, Xbox 360 and the PC version of Dark Souls […]

E3 2013 – Dark Souls 2 Trailer News 6

News 6 A new trailer for Dark Souls 2 was released during the E3 Microsoft press conference, showing off some brand-new gameplay. Check it out below. Dark Souls 2 arrives March 2014.

Dark Souls 2 Releases March 2014, According to E3 Banner News 4

News 4 E3 is just one week away and already we are receiving news from the convention grounds. Taking advantage of the available space, Namco Bandai has slapped a massive banner over the convention, confirming the release month of Dark Souls 2. Image courtesy of AllGamesBeta. That’s a long time before the release and with the PS4 and […]

Dark Souls 2 Premier Gameplay Shows You New Ways To Die News 8

News 8 Dark Souls 2 has finally received its first gameplay reveal and it does not disappoint. After being said to allow more accessibility to the series, the latest gameplay has proved that players will once again be dying over and over, but this time, with some much improved visuals. Check out the official gameplay reveal, courtesy of […]

Dark Souls 2 Announced, Debut Trailer News 6

News 6 Well, the VGA’s was last Friday and one of the huge, and rather unexpected reveal announcements during the show was the sequel to Dark Soul’s. Pretty awesome, huh? So, you may be wondering whether this is a Single Player or a Multiplayer title. For those familiar with Borderlands (though the Souls series came out before […]