Days Gone PC Version Announced, Out This Spring

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Sony is continuing its PlayStation to PC ports, as a Days Gone PC version has been announced today!

This news first surfaced as part of an interview with Sony Interactive Entertainment Chief Executive Officer Jim Ryan by GQ. Fortunately, the official Bend Studio Twitter account announced this as well with a .gif that’s right on point:

Days Gone is coming to PC this spring! Yep, that’s about all the news we know so far. Chances are, the PC version will get additional ways to customize the visuals and all that.

If you haven’t played it yet, Days Gone was released in 2019, and was a surprisingly well developed action game. We gave it a good score and said the following in our review:

It’s apparent how much love and care Bend Studios has put into Days Gone to bring players into their new vision of the apocalypse. The game does have a slow burn and it’s unfortunate that some players might not see it to the end. Those that stick with Deacon St John though will experience an escalating story, gameplay elements, tension, and emotion as it all builds to an exciting conclusion. Regardless of the technically issues, Days Gone kept me absolutely captivated from start to finish. It’s THE zombie style open world game I’ve always dreamed of, and I can’t think of any better endorsement than that.

Once we know more details, we’ll be sure to let our readers know.