DBZ Kakarot Update 2.00 for Aug. 16 Adds 23rd World Tournament Saga DLC 5

DBZ Kakarot Update 2.00

Bandai Namco Entertainment has released (Dragon Ball Z) DBZ: Kakarot update 2.00 (PS5 version 1.010) this August 16, which is for “23rd World Tournament Saga” or also known as DLC 5 data! Check out what’s new in the DBZ Kakarot DLC 5 patch notes.

Note that DLC 5 is set to launch officially tomorrow, August 17.

DBZ Kakarot Update 2.00 Patch Notes | Dragon Ball Z Update 1.010 Patch Notes | DBZ Kakarot DLC 5 Patch Notes:

The 23rd World Tournament is coming to Dragon Ball Z Kakarot on August 17! Don’t miss your chance to compete for the title of strongest fighter in the universe. #DBZK #DLC5

Size: 7.5GB (PS5), 16GB (Xbox)

Update: There doesn’t seem to be any patch notes, but Bandai Namco sent out the press release for the new content.

The 23rd World Tournament DLC is set before the beginning of the events of DRAGON BALL Z – series protagonist Goku joins the World Martial Arts Tournament three years after his fight against King Piccolo. He will encounter old friends, new enemies, and fight for the title of World Martial Arts Champion against his rival, Piccolo Jr. With the new Ground Battle feature, players must use every trick up their sleeve to achieve victory, while being incredibly agile to avoid their opponent’s devastating attacks. Unleash combo attacks and powerful strikes to defeat their opponent or knock them out of the ring, and progress through the story to re-live one of DRAGON BALL’s most cherished arcs like never before.

For those on Xbox, changing your location to New Zealand will allow you to play the DLC! This was confirmed by Reddit user Mysterious-Aspect937 today.

That’s about it. There doesn’t seem to be any gameplay-related changes included with the content drop. If we spot any, we’ll update the article ASAP. For those who manage to find anything that got changed, leave a comment below and let us know.

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1 month ago

I am hyped for the DBZ Kakarot 23rd world tournament dlc, i just recently got the platinum trophy for the DBZ Kakarot PS5 upgrade so im very excited for this wave of dlc.

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