Death Stranding Heartman Details – Meet the Man With a Tragic Fate (Potential Spoilers)

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Today, a new video for Death Stranding was debuted during the San Diego Comic-Con panel that Hideo Kojima hosted, and while the video is currently being kept behind the closed doors we do know that it was entirely focused on the character known as Heartman. Be warned, there are some heavy spoilers in this Death Stranding post concerning some crucial plot points for the character Heartman.

Still here? Good.

After the video had debuted, the Swedish film director who supplied motion captures for Heartman, Nicolas Winding Refn took to the stage to talk more about his character. According to multiple sources from verified attendees, the character Heartman dies every 21 minutes and is stuck in this loop where he is constantly being revived by an EKG that he is hooked up to. Why? Well the character wishes to locate his family, which are apparently on the “other side” and he has a full three minutes to do so before being brought back to life. It was stated that he could die any moment when those 21 minutes are up,  even during sentence when Sam is talking with him.

No other details were given on the character as afterward the actor went on to discuss how he and Kojima met along with some motion capture photos being shown. We don’t know if the video will be released officially to the public, though we garner that it won’t be long before it leaks online.