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Death Stranding: Extended Edition Rumored for PS5 and PS4 News 0

News 0 Fans of Hideo Kojima’s first post-Konami video game Death Stranding may be in for some good news if they want to revisit the game, as a Reddit thread has posted a rumor that a Death Stranding: Extended Edition may be in the works by Kojima Productions for the PS5 and PS4. Here’s the Reddit thread […]

Death Stranding Update 1.12 Released, Adds Photo Mode News 0

News 0 Kojima Productions has released a new Death Stranding patch and it’s live right now! This is Death Stranding update 1.12, and adds Photo Mode, so players can take the best angled shots of their trek. Clocking in at just 1GB, check out the list of changes below. Death Stranding update 1.12 patch notes: Photo Mode […]

Death Stranding January 31 Update Brings the Game to Version 1.10 News 0

News 0 Kojima Productions has rolled out a new patch for action-exploration game Death Stranding. This Death Stranding  January 31 update doesn’t include any new content, but it does have bug fixes, and quality of life (QOL) update that should please players. Clocking in at just 1GB, you can check out the full Death Stranding January 31 […]

Death Stranding Update 1.08 Released Today News 0

News 0 Kojima Productions has released Death Stranding update 1.08 today, and it’s live now on PS4! Given this is an unannounced patch, don’t expect anything major or any new content. Checking the game’s update history, it only mentions various fixes, and nothing more. Death Stranding update 1.08 patch notes: Various performance improvements. While that’s the only […]

Death Stranding Update 1.07 Released, Includes Quality of Life Changes News 0

News 0 Heads up, Hideo Kojima fans! Death Stranding update 1.07 has just been released by Kojima Productions, and it brings tech fixes and quality of life improvements to the game. Death Stranding update 1.07 has been mentioned before by game director Hideo Kojima himself, and you can check out the complete patch notes below via the […]

Death Stranding: Heartman’s Fate Revealed, Character Being Teased For a Return By Actor News 0

News 0 Film director Nicolas Winding Refn took to his Instagram today to post an image of himself and Kojima, though it’s the message he had tied to it that has fans already talking of a possible Death Stranding sequel. From the past year, we’ve known that game director Hideo Kojima has wanted to continue with creating […]

Death Stranding’s Online Functionality Is Both Brilliant and Helpful News 7

News 7 Alone, on a snow-covered mountain top, Sam trudges his way through a whiteout. With near-zero visibility and only the pulse of his Odradek scanner to briefly give him a glimpse of the terrain, being outside of the Chiral Network, Death Stranding’s version of the internet, getting to your destination can be harrowing. Once you reach […]

Death Stranding Update 1.06 Walks Out, Online Features Affected News 1

News 1 Kojima Productions has released a new Death Stranding update today on PS4, and it’s live now! Death Stranding update 1.06 clocks in at 1.049GB. Same as before, Kojima Productions doesn’t really say what’s in their patch notes other than what’s mentioned in the update history. According to the game’s update notes, it’s for: Optimized network […]

Death Stranding Update 1.05 Now Live News 0

News 0 Enjoying Hideo Kojima’s latest narrative-driven game, Death Stranding? A new Death Stranding update has been released by Kojima Productions just now. Death Stranding update 1.05 is at 1GB, and here’s what we know about it so far. Death Stranding update 1.05: Various performance improvements Unfortunately, that’s all we know so far. If you’re curious, here […]

Death Stranding Update Version 1.04 and Day One Updates – Here’s What’s in All of ‘Em News 0

News 0 For those picking up Death Stranding, you’ll be greeeted with a Death Stranding day one patch when you boot the game up. Truth be told, this is the fourth patch the game has gotten, and it’s now at Death Stranding update version 1.04. Below, we’ve compiled the list of changes that comprise the Death Stranding […]

Death Stranding Comparison – Do the Visuals Live Up to the Trailers? News 2

News 2 We take a look at the visual progression of Death Stranding throughout the years. We opted not to go with a full-screen side by side comparison, because often the images would desync due to their difference in appearance and animations. E3 2016 Reveal Trailer: What’s the Difference? First up is the original 2016 reveal trailer. […]

Death Stranding Review – A Slow Burn That Pays Off Reviews 1

Reviews 1 It’s been some time since Hideo Kojima developed a game not related to the Metal Gear Solid franchise. which is surreal when you think about it. Enter the legendary creator (and Kojima Productions’) Death Stranding; a completely new IP not shackled by the previous mythos of an existing series. Not only that, but the gameplay […]

Watch the Epic Death Stranding Launch Trailer Here! News 0

News 0 After being teased, the Death Stranding launch trailer has officially been released! The trailer (which you can watch below) is edited by the game’s director, Hideo Kojima, and runs for nearly 8 minutes. This trailer includes a large chunk of fresh new scenes, and judging by some of the response it may be wise to […]

Death Stranding PC Release Confirmed for Summer 2020 News 1

News 1 After much speculation, the Death Stranding PC release has finally been reconfirmed, and it’ll be launching within the first half of next year! At the time of the original game announcement, it was revealed that the title would be hitting the PlayStation 4 first with PC coming out at a later date. This, however, drew […]

Hideo Kojima Feels He Needs to Make More Strand Genre Games, Streaming Will Bring Big Change News 6

News 6 Game director Hideo Kojima looks towards the future as to what is next in this new genre of games he’s calling “Strand.” Speaking during the 2019 Cologne Film Festival live panel, Hideo Kojima got asked whether he had any plans to expand on Death Stranding’s current story with future iterations. While he didn’t answer if […]

Death Stranding File Size Revealed, Here’s a Look at the Title Screen News 0

News 0 With Death Stranding now in the hands of game reviewers around the world, it seems more and more details about Hideo Kojima’s latest game is making its way out. If you’re curious what the Death Stranding file size is, don’t worry! It’s not big at all. In fact, the Death Stranding file size is listed […]

Death Stranding File Size Revealed, Online Is Optional News 2

News 2 The Death Stranding file size has been revealed thanks to an official package shot. Discovered on the official pre-order page for Death Stranding Limited Edition console on (Courtesy of users on Discord), according to the packaging description on the bottom of the image below, the Death Stranding file size will require a minimum of […]

Death Stranding Amazon UK Pre-Order Exclusive Includes Higgs Sleeve News 0

News 0 Not a fan of the current Death Stranding box? Well, you may be in luck as Amazon UK is offering an exclusive sleeve for the standard edition of the game. Known as the “Higgs Variant” the sleeve will feature (as the name suggest) Higgs with his Golden Skull mask. We gotta say it looks fantastic, […]

Death Stranding NPCs Can Die Based on Player Actions News 6

News 6 Hideo Kojima continues to express that connections are very important in Death Stranding, up to the point that some of the Death Stranding NPCs (non-player controlled characters) will even play a role in characters’ deaths. During a recent panel held at the Garage Museum of Modern Art in Moscow, game director Hideo Kojima shed some […]

Death Stranding Cinematic Trailer Delivers the Hype News 0

News 0 We are almost a month away from the official release of Death Stranding, and to prepare for the major marketing push, PlayStation has released an all-new Death Stranding cinematic trailer that’ll play during commercial breaks. The video below is entirely CGI, meaning none of it is actually in-game footage. It runs about a minute and […]

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