Death Stranding Update 1.12 Released, Adds Photo Mode

Death Stranding Director's Cut ESRB

Kojima Productions has released a new Death Stranding patch and it’s live right now! This is Death Stranding update 1.12, and adds Photo Mode, so players can take the best angled shots of their trek. Clocking in at just 1GB, check out the list of changes below.

Death Stranding update 1.12 patch notes:

  • Photo Mode added
  • Various performance improvements

Please check “Update Overview” for details.

The Death Stranding Photo Mode feature is something players have been expecting since game director Hideo Kojima announced it a few days ago. Mind, I didn’t think “coming soon” means next week, but I’m not complaining.

Thank you for your feedback everyone! We’re happy to confirm that Photo Mode will be coming soon to DEATH STRANDING on PS4. Stay tuned for more details!

We’ll be on the lookout if there are more changes included in this patch, and will update the post if we find any.

If you’ve yet to play Death Stranding, you might want to do so even if it has a divided consensus among gamers. For us, though, we like it enough that we included it in our top 10 games of 2019. Our review reflects why we included it, so give it a read too.

If you spot any gameplay changes, let us know what they are down in the comments below. PC players, don’t forget, the game is coming your way soon, too!

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