Delayed Battlefield 5 Summer Update Trailer Finally Released Weeks After Patch’s Release

battlefield 5 summer update trailer

Earlier in the month, DICE released the last content drop for Battlefield 5, which the studio calls the Summer Update. While that patch is already out, the studio didn’t release the Battlefield 5 Summer Update trailer due to protests concerning the George Floyd tragedy.

Over on Twitter, EA Lead Community Manager Adam Freeman posted a few stuff about the Battlefield 5 Summer Update trailer and why it missed its original upload yesterday.

Later this afternoon, we’ll publish that absent Summer Update trailer. Enjoy it for what it is, and let me know what you think of it. Lovely to be asked to help out

Our next update for Battlefield V will release much later in the year and focus on expanding Community Games.

We were looking at setting this live just a moment ago but spotted that our small text on the trailer stated ‘Out Next Week’ rather than ‘Available Now’ so in the interest of making sure things are nice and clear we’ll re-render our trailers and publish them later this week.

Even if the Summer Update is the last content drop for Battlefiedl 5, that doesn’t mean the studio has stopped supporting it. On the contrary, we just got a patch last week that introduced new fixes, and the studio will release another patch later this year as mentioned by Freeman’s tweet above.

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