Demon’s Souls PS5 New Gameplay Features Bosses and More

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Regardless if you’ve played Demon’s Souls on PS3 or not, chances are high that you’ll want to see this Demon’s Souls PS5 new gameplay video by Sony! It features bosses, some of the game’s locations and more!

Note that it lasts for more than five minutes, and if you’re someone who absolutely does not want anything spoiled, then you might not want to watch it (it doesn’t spoil much, but still!).

Here’s the info straight from Sony:

In this second look into the daunting world of Boletaria, we journey to the barren lands of Stonefang, one of the five distinct realms of Demon’s Souls. Here, deep beneath the ground, cursed miners feverishly dig for the bones of ancient dragons, vast caverns of molten lava keep the weapon forges of Stonefang lit, and the sound of hammer on anvil never ceases.

You will need to adapt to the situation, understanding when to press your attack at close-quarters and when to punish your enemy from afar. Even so, skill and reactions have their limits, and proper equipment and preparation could be the difference between victory and defeat. And remember that whatever the outcome, every death has meaning and will make the eventual success all the sweeter on your journey to become the Slayer of Demons.

Returning fans will remember the horrors of the Armored Spider and Flamelurker, who lie in wait for the foolhardy in Stonefang. On PS5, we have lovingly recreated these daunting battles so you will believe that your memories have come to life. Every spark and ember, every blow against your shield, and every furious screech, just the way you imagined it.

Demon’s Souls will slash its way onto the PS5 this November 12. While Sony hasn’t made any announcement, rumors are mounting that the game will see a PS4 release too.

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