Demon’s Souls Secret Door Puzzle Has Been Solved

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Nearly a week after it’s release, the Demon’s Souls secret door puzzle has been cracked. For those unaware, this secret door is something the original version on PS3 never had, which meant this drove fans to theorize what could be in it.

Update: Video on how to open the door


Taking a cue from their (Bluepoint Games) last remake, The Shadow of The Colossus, the puzzle to unlocking the secret door was all in collecting some newly discovered coins called “Ceramic Coins,”  which were located in the game’s fractured mode. This was discovered by Distortion, who we previously reported on discovering a glitch to allow players to exploit Demon’s Souls collisions.

For those unaware, that’s the armor set belonging to the Penetrator boss!

While not exactly what many were expecting (no MGS remake, sad face) to see, the armor set is still a pretty badass unlockable. Reportedly you will need to acquire 30 coins, which are located in the same spot under the white/black world tendencies.

Once you have them, you will then need to visit the crow and perform a trade, which you will then receive the Rusty Key to open the door. And that’s all there really is to it! No more secrets for now it seems, though we wouldn’t be surprised if Bluepoint Games hid some more.