Destiny 2 Must-Have Tool Tells You When Vendors Are Selling Level 300 Loot

Wish there was some way to magically know when Destiny 2 vendors are selling the highest level loot? Well, it isn’t magic, but there is now a tool that will alert you once high level loot is available. 

If you’re rank 300-305, you may have noticed that Vendors rotate their gear level every half an hour. Gear can be between 295-300. Obviously, you’ll be wanting to grab gear when it’s at its peak Power Level. 

Enter, which is now compatible with Discord, the popular communication app. Here’s what it’s all about:

Each of the vendors in Destiny 2 that you can collect tokens with to recieve engrams rotate the level of the gear they drop. They do this every 30 minutes–on the hour and half hour–but only for guardians at 305PL or base 300PL. The engrams can vary between 295 – 300. At you, and other users, vote on what the current vendors are showing so collectively we can help everyone see what the current drops are. 

In order to add the alerts to Discord, and have notifications come through your phone for ultimate convenience, follow these instructions:

We just added integration with so you can get notifications in Discord when a vendor is selling PL300 engrams. Just type !server vendorengrams on in the channel were you want the notifications to be posted and they’ll pop in within a minute of being discovered by the community.

Want instant notifications on your phone? Want it easy for your clanmates to set up?

  • Create a new channel and set it to read-only for all users except Charlemagne. Make sure Charlemagne can post to the channel.
  • Type !server vendorengrams on in that channel
  • Now turn on notifications for all posts in that channel

To add Charlemagne to your server, go to or just click here.

Give the tool a go, and let me know what you think of it!

In other Destiny news, update 1.07 is out now. Also, the Leviathan Raid has been delayed until next week. Finally, get caught up on what changed with the Weekly Reset

Source: Reddit

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