Destiny 2 Weekly Reset October 10 – New Milestones, Nightfall Strike, Eververse Items & More

It’s Tuesday, which means that it’s time for a Destiny 2 weekly reset. We’ve listed everything that’s new — including Milestones, the Nightfall Strike, Eververse items, and more — down below. 


Call to Arms

Win glory by participating in Crucible matches – Powerful Gear

Clan XP

Earn Clan XP in strikes, raids, the Crucible, or world activities – Powerful Gear

Flashpoint: Nessus

Complete public events on Nessus – Powerful Gear


Complete the weekly Nightfall Strike – Powerful Gear

Nightfall Strike


The Inverted Spire


Attrition – Health and shield regeneration is significantly impaired. Defeating enemies may create wells of Light. Collect these to restore your health and charge your super.

Timewarp: Killing Time – Defeat enemies to extend the mission timer, up to a limit.


Dancehall (Emote) – 700 Bright Dust

Bureacucratic Walk (Emote) – 700 Bright Dust

Fast Track (Vehicle) – 600 Bright Dust

Tidal Dawn (Ship) – 500 Bright Dust

Ego and Squid (Ship) – 2000 Bright Dust

Break The Dawn – Merciless (Weapon Ornament) – 800 Bright Dust

Black Pulse – Rat King (Weapon Ornament) – 800 Bright Dust

Cloak of Optimacy (Cloak) – 800 Bright Dust

Competitive Shell (Ghost Shell) – 250 Bright Dust

Interchange Shell (Ghost Shell) – 250 Bright Dust

Suros Modular Shine (Shader) – 40 Bright Dust

Xenosilver (Shader) – 40 Bright Dust

Nebula Rose (Shader)- 40 Bright Dust

Fireteam Medallion (Consumable) – 50 Bright Dust

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